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I became a parent in November 2009 and, as the cliché goes, my world turned upside down. PHP posts turned to pregnancy, midnight gaming turned to midnight (and 1am, and 2am, and ...) feeds. Here lies documented tales of poop, boobs, toddler tantrums and the nitty gritty that goes with being Mum.

New Nephew

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My updates/postings have been somewhat sporadic of late because I’m supposed to be on holiday. I’ve been working my ass off to finish a football scores/data logging database for one of the guys at work and then mid way through — it’s babysitting time. Anna… read full entry →

Dirty Geek Joke

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There are advantages to being in a ‘geek’ couple: Karl: Ooh, a left boob and a right boob!Jem: My boobs are relatively positioned.Karl: Well, as long as the margins are the same..Jem: No, I think my left margin is slightly bigger than my right.Karl: So… read full entry →

Shitty shit shit

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So, this week has not been the best so far this year. I got shipped from Computer Services to the Web Design office so I could do some designing (instead of the usual developing) which is all fine and funky, but I’m so used to… read full entry →

Luckiest Girlfriend

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I felt somewhat like the luckiest girlfriend in the world last night. Karl started his Summer Holidays on Monday, but because I was sick and didn’t go to work on Monday, yesterday was his first day alone. I left him two things to do: pick… read full entry →

Charlotte Types!

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Say hello to my neice: bvc jo;uzkpr., ojhcijvig.,kmih845uj6,.7yghuvbjtnkmtyhkm, x 6mu yhg.,/ jh cb As you can she, she’s already computer savvy…

Organ Donation

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Since I was a kid, I always remember seeing a card in my brothers wallet stating he was an organ donor. I decided when I first saw it was something I’d like to do to — but is something I’ve never got ’round to doing.… read full entry →

Good Grandpa

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My Grandpa has been visiting my sites, look at this lovely comment he left in my guestbook: Well now, there’s a thing! I have been a writer, journalist, editor, etc, for some 40+ years, following in the literary talents of my dear departed mother, whose… read full entry →