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Another Cold, etc.

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I’ve got another bloody cold. I’m hoping it won’t affect my testicles this time. None the less I’m playing it safe and drinking lots of orange juice (vitamin c ftw.)

Talking of “ftw”, I’m thinking of making this ftw (that’s ‘for the win’) t-shirt my next syswear purchase. I think it’s only fair that after such a long and stressful week (workload, websites, e-people, etc) that I should treat myself, after all.

Oh, and Karl and I received some good news this week (no, I’m not pregnant; did anyone notice I didn’t do that joke on April 1st btw?) — our landlord has given the go ahead for us to extend our contract by another 12 months so we don’t have to worry about moving (because our current contract ends tomorrow). I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since we moved here.. time has flown by.

Anyway, I’m waffling about complete bollocks (see the pun there?) again, so I’ll go now.

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  1. Jordan said:

    It still perplexes me when I think that it’s been almost a year since I moved out of my apartment and moved to Texas. The time really has flown by. I remember bitching about May being 5 months away when it was December, and here it’s less then 24 days I’ll finally be 21 and I won’t have to bitch about my friends going out and me having to stay behind. I really wish my grandma was “with the times,” and let me use her credit card for online shopping. I’d have a lot more shirts from the sites you and I both like. But I’ll settle for getting some new shoes, lunch, and “nice” clothes shopping. I did splurge the other day. E.L.F makeup had a “sale” on e-gift cards the other day. Buy $25 e-card and get $25 added onto it for free. Uhm, hello, I like having copious amounts of makeup (even if I don’t use it.) Needless to say yesterday I bought $60 worth of makeup for $49.50. I had a 10% off promo code and a free shipping ($5.00 value) code. WEOO! /end of long comment!

  2. Kenna said:

    Hate to burst your bubble Jem, but latest medical studies show no correlation between Vitamin C & immune system strength. -covers mouth- Not that I don’t want you to get better, just thought I’d share a random tidbit of info. ;)

  3. Jamie said:

    Ick. I’m sure your cold is from the weird weather.. unless you aren’t getting that mess. In the states, it was snowing the past two days in some places (here) and today it was beautiful (50 degrees). I just found out what FTW means not too long ago thanks to a post by Amelie I think. Am I that out of the loop?

  4. Kenna said:

    And now that I actually want to share the article about the study, I can’t find it. Rawr. Tis what I get for doing research on various topics for the last 8 hours, ne? Bookmark the things I need, not the ones that are interesting. Bah. Anyhow, I thought you and Karl had been there a year now, but apparently I way-overestimated. Ha. Well, congrats on getting the extension on the lease, I know how hectic crazy worrying about finding a new place makes things.

  5. Belinda said:

    Vitamin C actually doesn’t do anything for colds (and maybe only does something if you take it in large doses)… however orange juice is FTW in itself! Mmm citrilicious.

  6. Aaron said:

    I hate colds. As soon as summer ends and school starts, I have a cold until June. Some days it’s worse than others, but I’m usually always stuffed up. Then there are the headaches. I hate those. Hopefully you’ll feel better very soon, especially since this is the weekend. Being sick on a weekend is not very fun.

  7. Rhys said:

    As somebody who has had cold, has testicles and no shame, can I just say that the common cold DOES affect the giggleberries, makes them tender and sore. Oh and that t-shirt kinda rules. I still want to find one that says “NSFW” dammit (largely because I will wear it to work)

  8. Amelie said:

    @Jamie: I just found out what FTW means not too long ago thanks to a post by Amelie I think. Am I that out of the loop? Yay, I helped someone become l33t XD @Jem: Plz 2 not be giving me cold. Kthx

  9. Amber said:

    I’ve been spread FTW for quite a while and I think everybody sighed at me and said, “What a no0b!” but it has finally caught on! *bookmarks page*

  10. David Airey said:

    I was going to say “get well soon” after reading your post in my feed reader, but then having noticed your blog header, and the ‘ultimately better than you’, I think i’ll keep it to myself. ;)

  11. Jordan said:

    Amelie, might want to watch out with that.. I can’t remember where I read this, but I think Jem hated the plz2(words) kind of things.. with that being said. Plz2notgetAmeliesick.. ktnx

  12. Nan said:

    I am sorry to read that you got another cold! Take care of yourself. I thought you and Karl was renting your place permanently – It must be great not having to move – it seems like you just moved in and was all excited.

  13. Amelie said:

    Amelie, might want to watch out with that.. I can’t remember where I read this, but I think Jem hated the plz2(words) kind of things Pffft, she loves it really :P

  14. Stephanie said:

    Well, see, the Vitamin C was supposed to protect your testicles, but when they figured out that the common cold does nothing to those, it negated Vitamin C’s purpose…

  15. Amber said:

    In a completely unrelated comment to the entry yet a valid question nonetheless, are mp3s still illegal if they’re only on your computer and you own the official CD?

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