BarbiLee Brings on the W-T-Fs Part 2

By the time I was half way through what I wanted to publish about BarbiLee yesterday it was 1am and a combination of drink-fuelled exhaustion and common sense forced me to finally give up and go to bed. This means you have to sit through another loony post, but it really does give you a massive indication of the kind of how many types of crazy BarbiLee actually is.

Firstly, as the contents of her homepage has now changed to some random wha-wha message about how she’s a big victim I’ll start with a screenshot of the original:

[img: threats on homepage]

You can clearly see her admitting to having retained Vera’s home details there, and the full screencap is linked.

Next I feel it worth mention the pickly of a diddle that involves “pajamasam70”. There’s a certain hatelisting style website out there stating that Pajama Sam is a retard and that he sucks. (Their words, not mine.) Another website, which is now closed off so I can’t link to it/gather screenshots, stated that BarbiLee had been to the cops and was prosecuting this Pajama Sam because he’d been harassing her. The problem I have with this story is that this Pajama Sam dude mysteriously showed up to spam blogs after Barbi was reviewed and oh, would you look at that.. had the same IP as both Barbi and her supposed boyfriend.

I looked into this, even going so far as scouring their ISP’s website (PenTeleData) and there’s no mention anywhere on the site of forcing shared IPs like AOL frequently do. In fact, the cable/DSL services that they’re on — information kindly provided by Barbi’s own stats — both have either static or dynamic IPs… but as mentioned, not shared. So the only way that Pajama Sam could possibly have the same IP is if he were sat in Barbi Lee’s back garden mooching off her Internet, and this of course assumes they have unprotected wireless. (The chances are slim.)

Further investigation (a 30 second Google search, hehe) shows that Pajama Sam has a liking for wrestling. His YouTube account has wrestling clips and his wikipedia talk page has mentions of reverted edits to wrestler pages. Funny that, because Barbi’s “boyfriend” really likes wrestling too. What a coincedence. The same hobbies, both apparently know Barbi and both come from the same IP. It wouldn’t be too big a leap to assume that either Justin does exist, and likes to pretend to be some dude called Pajama Sam, or Barbi is Barbi and Justin and Pajama Sam. Complex!

At this stage, I’m scarily aware that everytime I read one of Barbi’s comments or posts my IQ drops a few points, but for those who’ve not had the privilege of scouring through it all looking for legal juice, here’s a few screenshots to keep you amused: a series of spam comments; it was all my boyfriend!; more threats (ip disguised because it’s current); and lastly her words of wisdom for little ol’ moi.

It is of course worth mentioning that the only person who thinks Barbi is sane at this stage is Barbi. She was banned from Kawaiiville (along with the second account that allegedly belonged to Justin) even before I got around to writing my post, banned from Snark for spamming us to death with her illiterate tirades of abuse and and despite more than one IP ban at various sites, continues to send abuse. Oh dear.

And I definitely prefer the British spelling of pyjama!

An Update (31st Dec)

The reactions I’ve received to the past two posts are — unsurprisingly — coming in thick and fast. While I don’t want to give away too much of my good evidence, the following screenshots give a clear insight into Crazy B’s true personality. I just want to point out in advance that they do contain profanity so if you’re of a fragile nature, you probably don’t want to read any further.

BarbiLee mocks Tiara, a girl who lost her baby son, calling her a “baby killer” (removed at owners request); BarbiLee pretends to be someone else, calls Tiara a whore (amongst other things); BarbiLee mocks Tiara again through a popular MySpace forum; BarbiLee calls Beth a slut/whore, threatens her with the law; Justin and BarbiLee take it in turns to insult Beth; further threats, BarbiLee calls Beth a “child molesting cunt”; yet more abuse aimed at Beth and finally; a comment live on Beth’s site filled with nastiness.

Pretty sick shit from a pretty deranged mind.

BarbiLee Brings on the W-T-Fs

With the coming of 2008 I’m “celebrating” about 8-9 years on the Internet. In this time I’ve seen some pretty loony people. I’m sure the majority of you are familiar with Krystole, the Internet’s very own layout kleptomaniac? Yep, she’s a bloody loony. Some of you may also know of Janet who owns A self-confessed loony! However, neither of these well known nutters compare on any level to BarbiLee of

BarbiLee is… well, she’s female and I’m pretty sure of that. She’s 23 (says her own site) or possibly 24 (says her doll site profile) — because we all know how confusing your own age can be — and has 2 kids (same doll site profile/another profile) or, actually.. possibly only the one? It really depends on which site you ask! That poor 5 year old boy, he doesn’t have his own website (unlike Jasmine); he doesn’t get posted about in kawaiiville forums (unlike Jasmine); his mummy doesn’t create usernames in his honour like “babygrilmata2007” either.

As well as drastic favouritism to her supposed baby “gril” (mm, baby grill :9) BarbiLee has a major spelling problem. In fact, problem is an understatement of the year. Now, my Dad is dyslexic so don’t think I don’t understand what kind of effect that can have, but this problem is apparently caused by bipolar. I’m no medical professional and my psychological diagnosis skill pretty much hinges on the phrase “she’s loony”, but the last time I checked bipolar wasn’t a learning disability that turned people into total idiots. Although, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here…

Anyway, I’m bringing you this information on BarbiLee because I want the world to know what a crazy foo’ she is. Even if it doesn’t achieve anything, it’ll make a few people feel better.

BarbiLee has a bit of a vendetta against a girl called Beth. Now, I don’t know this Beth and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her website, but I do know that Barbi spent time harassing Beth via her tagboard which ultimately resulted in their mutual host deleting Beth’s account. Totally unrelated to this, Vera of left a comment on Barbi’s site complimenting her layout but pointing out her spelling wasn’t doing her any favours. This resulted in Barbi visiting Vera’s site leaving a series of comments accusing Vera of using proxies to get to her site, calling her various names and so on. It’s all a bit uncivilised really (just how I like it). The dates are a bit mixed up in my brain, but basically this two-way back and forth ending up becoming related when Barbi and/or Barbi’s boyfriend pretended to be Beth whilst insulting Vera and vice versa.

So now we have Barbi and her supposed boyfriend Justin bashing Beth and Vera and spamming them with e-mails and comments and accusing them of starting drama. Not one to let the side down, Vera completed an unrequested review of Barbi’s site. It was blunt, but both educational and more than informative. Cue more spam from Barbi and her boyfriend.. only this time she even extended the favour to innocent bystanders V and Belinda!

Somewhere down the line, BarbiLee or her boyfriend managed to find Vera’s whois information and started publishing her home address all over the Internet. In a flurry of desperation, Vera issued an apology for the review and managed to get her host to hide her whois. I believe Barbi’s host was involved and the address details were removed from the public eye.

At this stage, Barbi realises she’s fighting a losing battle spamming the site’s of Vera and so forth (but wouldn’t admit it) and she turns her attention to Kawaiiville, a cutesy forum. She created a series of posts claiming that Vera was a “hatter” (hater) who’d insulted members of Kawaiiville, and a pity post claiming that Vera “says i haked her site“. These posts were all created in an attempt to get sympathy and to make Vera out to be a big bad wolf. Unfortunately for Barbi, I’ve got an account at Kawaiiville and took great delight in disproving some of her/her boyfriend’s bullshit and giving them a public pwning.

During the pwning, I’d persuaded BarbiLee to take down hate messages on her old site against Beth and Vera and pointed out that if she really wanted the drama to end she’d move on with her life. It all seemed to end here… or at least temporarily.

God knows you’re probably confused by now, because I am and I’ve spent 2 months watching this stuff. Basically, at this point we have Barbi and her possibly imaginary boyfriend spamming, posting people’s private information online, harassment via e-mail, pretending to be other people and all the while making threats of “getting the cops in” because Barbi’s the victim. On top of this, we’ve got a blog entry in her Kawaiiville ‘blog’ where she openly admits to having “beat down” a girl and spent time in jail for it. Apparently this makes her an expert on law (but she still asks for illegal serial numbers).

This all culminates in a small ongoing problem. BarbiLee is actively giving away Vera’s home address information via her website. I quote:

i have veras home phone # and address and shit still i will post it hey if you even want to send her a wonderful “gift” e-mail me @ mystical_drama83 {at} yahoo [dot] com i will be more than welcome to give that wonderful info up.

Her host,, was privately contacted about this issue but instead of actually dealing with it like a professional she forwarded the e-mail to Barbi. Nice. I’m glad I don’t host there!

The sad thing is, I know I’ve missed out a whole shitload of crazy antics. I have screenshots of various comments left, around 30-40 links including various forum profiles in which she’s different ages and effectively pretends to be different people. Google’s cached hate pages and contradictory information. We’ve got the e-mail she’s sent out claiming to have called the cops, in which she includes ALL of Vera’s personal info. I’ve got her quoting that Photobucket of all places wants to sue Vera/Beth. It’s fucking ludicrous. Unfortunately, this post won’t solve much of that, but if it tells a few thousand people what kind of scary stalking nutter BarbiLee is, that’s mission accomplished in my book.

Looking at 2007, Preparing For 2008

Around this time last year I was surmising both a stressful and successful 2006. Although 2007 was nowhere near as life-changing, it still saw me enrol in — and complete the first module of — my first step towards an official qualification in web development. I gained my first pay rise in the job that I still love and a cat! I saw parts of my family ‘unit’ destroyed because of the selfish actions of my brother — the consequences of which only now beginning to repair themselves.

The year itself was more positive than negative, which gives me a good footing to go forth in 2008. As has become my tradition, I won’t be making any resolutions but I would like to see myself complete a few goals.

I intend on ‘dropping’ some of my responsibilities to open up more time for myself (closing fanlistings and other subdomains). I also plan on finishing my SimpleDir replacement which will probably see the end of my free script developing for a little while (upkeep is tedious). That doesn’t mean what I’ve got is going anywhere, it just means I won’t be releasing anything new. I want to dive further into PHP security, and really get to grips with OOP (my procedural background often does me no favours). All in all I want 2008 to be about personal and professional development, improving what I do so that I can further help others.

In a last ditch attempt to give myself a fresh slate to work from in 2008 I’m going through my e-mail and website today trying to do a bit of cleaning. I am determined to start the year on an empty inbox but with 108 e-mails as of this morning, it might be easier said than done. However, I’m being brutal and anything not 100% urgent or necessary is being deleted (yes, that includes various e-mails demanding help easily gained elsewhere). Now, if only I could figure out how to apply the same strategy to the clutter on my bookcase, I’d be on to a winner…


Back when I first heard of XHTML it seemed like a brilliant idea. Here was a type of mark-up with rules, and rules mean an excuse to be my normal perfectionist self. It wasn’t long before I’d converted all 200+ pages of my website to this beautiful, lower-case, tidy syntax and was getting the green light from the validator. However, nobody told me why I should be using XHTML or gave a reason for switching much beyond “XML, and thus XHTML, are the way of the future!”

These days whether or not I use XHTML or HTML depends entirely on which DTD I can remember how to spell first, because the superiority of either is entirely subjective. There is no straight answer from the experts on which should be used, and with enthusiasts on both side of the fence piping theirs as the best it’s almost tempting to flip a coin and go with the flow.

On one hand, we are advised that XHTML delivered as text/html (to make it work in Internet Explorer) is “broken” and incorrect. This is hardly disputable — it makes sense that XHTML should be delivered as application/xhtml+xml — however there seems to be little or no evidence on any dramatic difference that this has on the browser or the reader. My “tag soup” may be served on a dented copper plate to the browser, but Google has no problem indexing it as if it were eating off fine bone china. (Lamest metaphor ever!)

It is argued that XHTML as text/html might work now, but what about when you change it to application/xhtml+xml?! Did these experts consider that tag soup fans might not want to serve their pages any differently in the future and therefore their point is redundant?

However, if HTML does everything that XHTML can — which it does — is there any point in using anything but HTML? Surely by not having to self-close line breaks, image tags and the like, and by not having XML declarations/etc in the head of our documents we’re actually saving all important space and bandwidth? Furthermore, even if any self-respecting web geek avoids Internet Explorer like the plague, it doesn’t hurt to give it code it can properly process.

My personal conclusion is that the choice between XHTML and HTML is completely irrelevant. Whether or not you add little forward slashes to the end of tags is not going to make or break a website. The important thing is coding semantically, for validity and compatibility, whichever doctype you use. Choose a strict doctype over transitional, and give your browser the best mark-up you can deliver.

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to all of my readers, young and old alike. May your bellies be filled with wonderful food and your stockings stuffed with presents.. or whatever it is turns you on at this time of year. Enjoy the festive season, and don’t drink too much brandy eggnog — leave some for me at least :9

I’ll try and post again before the year is out but I can’t guarantee anything, so in case I don’t — best wishes for a prosperous new year too :)

PS. Hex has taken to the Litter Kwitter brilliantly so far, and we’ve had no accidents! He’s on the red stage, and has had no problem climbing on to the toilet and doing his doodoos into the ‘tray’. We’ll be switching to the orange stage a week or so into the new year…


My report is done. All 3000 or so words of it. 90% of which I did tonight. I hate how I leave everything until the last minute (it’s due tomorrow). Anyway, woohoo, I am going to celebrate by getting off the damned computer for a while. Go me :)

My Litter Kwitter Arrived

I don’t know if I mentioned this on here before (this week has befuzzled my brain) but Karl and I intend on toilet training Hex. As in, properly toilet training in a human toilet.

I have purchased a product especially designed to train cats to do the task, so there’s no duct taping saucepans to toilet bowls and other seemingly wacky ways of doing it like I saw on YouTube! The product is the Litter Kwitter, and basically consists of 3 rings of coloured plastic that sit inside a white seat ‘device’ on top of the normal toilet bowl.

[img: Litter Kwitter]Each ring represents a step in the process whereby the aim is to encourage your cat to pee and poop into the actual toilet, instead of having to use a litter tray. This eliminates smells, gets rid of mess and obviously has the advantage of saving the cost of litter. Now, Hex is a real digger, so if this works it’s going to save me some back-breaking sweeping!

Anyway, as the title suggests, my Litter Kwitter arrived today. We watched the DVD that comes with the pack and it’s both amusing and informative. We’ve put the normal litter tray away and started Hex on the red beginner ring (sealed) in place of his normal tray. He hasn’t used it yet, but I know he’s due in the next hour or so (I know my cat’s bowel habits?) Here’s hoping that he takes to it straight away!

I’ll update you over the next 2 months (the time it takes, apparently) on how it goes. Maybe even some pictures, if I can do it without disturbing the poor little kitty!

All I Want For Christmas

…is my health. My health, damnit! I’ve been holed up in bed pretty much non-stop since Saturday because somebody infected me with a bloody cold. What is it with the stream of shit I’ve been hit with this past week or so? Food poisoning (or stomach bug, whatever), then my period [shudder] and now this. All this crap made me miss Annual Q*Bee Blog Day!

Talking of which — sorry, you don’t escape from it that easily — December 15th was that day of the year where everybody cool blogs about the quilting bee. I’m not going to bother twisting your arm to tell you how great it is this year: I don’t have the time or the energy to fight the stereotypes or correct the rumours. Plus, there’s all the other participants who will do that for you. Instead I want to quickly mention all of the things I worked on this year (with the help of my ‘programmer bees’) as a record of my own achievements.

Firstly, and while not a big deal it shows I’m not always a tightass, I took over the financial side of the club. I moved the hosting to Site5 for two years, and renewed it for about 3 years. The move to Site5 meant that some real work could finally be done on the site, because GoDaddy was absolutely useless. Bubs and I then set to work implementing the core functionality that we have now. And boy is it functional!

To put it into perspective, you have to realise that about 4-5 years ago the bulk of the site (with all of its 400-500 members) was ran and controlled by Kimi via a single .txt file. That’s where the member info was kept, who had won what, who wasn’t trading and who was, etc. While I helped Kimberly code a primitive PHP backend to control basic member adding/deletion after she took over, my lack of time and experience — not to mention problems with GoDaddy — meant that it was never finished to my standards.

90% of the site is now database driven. You sign up, you’re in the database. Made a member? In the database. Sent an e-mail? Via the database. Give an award, a mushroom, points or even ooh a warning? All using the database. It makes updating and maintaining the site a lot easier, and manageable with a full time job. It also allows me to control the new referrals, our special points system, permissions, updates and who knows what else we managed to add!

There are still things (a lot of things) that need finishing, and I need to find better ways to manage contests and activities because they’re incredibly time consuming, but generally the club has come leaps and bounds ahead (technologically speaking) of what it’s ever been before.

So what else do I want for Christmas? Continued success of our club and the good health and cheer of the members. Because I’m nice like that :)

Opera Bitching At Microsoft

According to the BBC, Opera have filed a complaint about Microsoft to the European Commission about the fact that Internet Explorer is still bundled with Windows. From the article:

Opera Software said the close ties between Internet Explorer (IE) and Windows made it hard for rivals to be a serious choice for web users.

This sounds fair enough, and I agree that users should be given the opportunity to make a choice about what they use (Firefox ftw) but where do we draw the line? When Windows comes with Firefox, Opera, Safari, Flock, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL’s browser, Avant and Maxthon? Who benefits from that list — not the user, because they sure as hell aren’t going to try each one to see which suits best. And what about any I’ve missed, who are they going to complain to if their browser doesn’t get included?

Of course, we could cut out the browser from Windows altogether, but then how would users be able to download a new browser if they haven’t got a browser to download with in the first place? How much of a pain in the ass would it be to buy a new PC, then discover you have to go out to your local computer shop just to get a disk with some browsing software on?

I think Opera need to spend less time chasing a goal that will be nigh-on impossible to score and more time educating the user on why they should be picking a new browser in the first place.

And now back to my ham and egg bap….

A Party in My Blog

I lied about the party bit, but this is going to be random so the title might as well be a stupid one :P

We ended up taking the Christmas tree down. The behaviour spray worked for a while but then he just started to get used to it. He was actively chewing the branches; even knocked the bloody thing over this morning. Yesterday we discovered that the lights weren’t working because he’d chewed through the wires (I am glad we had bought some low voltage LED ones!) I’ve got a picture of the destruction for your viewing amusement.

I am still a bit wobbly from the weekend, with everything I eat coming out …well, let’s just say I might as well skip the chewing part and just blend everything up because it’d save me time and effort. At least I can eat to some degree now though. I still feel sick while eating but it’s staying down.

I have only 4 working days left now until I break up for Christmas (Mon-Thurs next week) with tomorrow booked off to theoretically see my niece in her Christmas play, so I’m already pre-loading my todo list with things to get finished off by the new year. Only a 3000 word report to write at the top of the list, nothing major (sarcasm ftw).

Now that people have stopped telling me who I can and can’t link to in my own blog — thanks for that — I can happily report that by linking to Jessica my website didn’t self-destruct, I didn’t lose any hits and feedburner is not reporting any major fluctuation in readership. I appreciate the concern nonetheless. It has caused a handful of people to start sending me nice thankful emails though, which is sweet but totally makes me feel like an ungrateful attention whore. (Yeah, I know: I am.)

There are now 53 users at tutorialtastic (thanks for the support :)) and the star rating system thing works. I added an area for people to submit the names of scripts to get them reviewed for safety but I don’t think many people noticed. Don’t all rush over there at once, mind ;)

Must shut up.. so little to do, so little time to do it in and all that. Top of the list is figuring out how to make the flat look festive without my tree! :( Ho ho ho.

Killing Myself Slowly

Guess which lucky person has managed to give themselves food poisoning?

I don’t know how, because I’m so ridiculously anal about raw meats and things, but last night I was mightily sick. I’d been sat on the sofa all evening since tea (dinner) — which contained the deadly chicken thigh — playing Zelda. Not a symptom in sight, then at about 10:45 I stood up and by GOD did I feel rough. My entire body suddenly hurt, my head was splitting and I felt as sick as a dog (I don’t get that phrase but whatever.)

I figured I could go to bed and sleep it off but, come midnight-ish I was shaking violently with cold-shivers, was in pain from stomach cramps and could feel the ick oozing up inside me. The crazy thing about the shivers was I wasn’t actually that cold. Anyway, I went to the loo and proceeded to projectile vomit. Nice. It cured the shivers though, which allowed me to sleep.

I’m still rough today, and I am so bloody hungry, but the sight and smell of food is making me gag. I’m on a fluids-only diet tonight, unless I can dig something out of the cupboard that doesn’t make me heave. :(

Oh, Christmas Tree!

I decided to put the Christmas tree up last night. I’m not sure why; I usually wait until at least the 12th to even consider it despite my love of all things festive. To be honest, I wish I had waited now… cats and Christmas trees, even fake ones, do not mix.

Hex chewing treeFirst, Hex insisted that he must help put it up. Every ‘branch’ had to be inspected, chewed and thoroughly killed. (I’m half expecting green bits of plastic material in his poop today.) We fetched out the spray water bottle to deter him, which worked on and off, or for at least enough time for us to finish assembling it and get our few decorations on.

Christmas Tree 2007Once the tree was ‘complete’, he started jumping up it to attack the baubles that we’d placed higher up. He even jumped off the windowsill onto the tree, somehow getting through or around the curtain to do so. His climbing and jumping has bent two of the lower branches and despite my feeble attempts to bend them back into shape the tree looks like its wilting.

2 of 9 baubles on the floorKarl and I went to bed last night expecting to be woken up to the sound of the tree falling over, or the cat mewing because he’d got himself stuck. To my surprise, there was little evidence of misadventure when I got up to feed him this morning (7am) and only 4 decorations on the floor. Unfortunately, this had more than doubled to 9 by the time I got back out of bed nearer 10am, and the front of the tree had taken a blow by the look of it. He hasn’t left it alone since, aside from the few minutes he spent terrorising the Wii.

Karl and I are going on a bit of a mission today to try and find some cat-safe lights (LEDs instead of glass-based normal ones), but if that fails I’m just going to double-sided sticky the little shit (Hex, not Karl) to his blanket on the sofa. He won’t be able to play in the tree then!