Merry Christmas, Interwebs!

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I just wanted to quickly post to wish you all a merry christmas 2009, may it be full of fun, frivolity and fat stuffed turkey. Unless you’re a vegetarian of course. I hope Santa brings you all what you asked for. On that note, I’ll… read full entry →

Recycling Geek T-Shirts

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Some of my geek t-shirt collection are in the region of 4 years old now, and as nature (and pregnancy) blessed me with an ever increasing chest size, they’re now fairly tight (bordering on obscene). I’d like to find some way to recycle them so… read full entry →

Suggestions for tutorialtastic

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Assuming Isabel continues to take several long — albeit fart-filled — naps during the day, I want to try and get the next incarnation of tutorialtastic ready to go for some time early new year. With that in mind, please please please leave me a… read full entry →

Isabel’s Birth Story, Part Two

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In my new room on the MLU (see part one) I was hooked up to a cylinder of gas and air (and, incidentally, went through 3 of these before I was finished) because they had no wall supply and ditched the TENS… the batteries had… read full entry →

Isabel’s Birth Story, Part One

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If someone had said to me on Friday 13th November that I’d be going in to labour that evening, I would’ve probably scoffed at them. I’d crossed fingers for a Friday 13th birth because it’s a cool date, but with not even so much as… read full entry →

Baby Isabel is Home

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Isabel was born at 10:32 on November 14th weighing 7lbs 11oz. We came home last night, and she’s settling in nicely. Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick post to say thank you for the massive response to her arrival. The cards, e-mails, facebook… read full entry →

Review of

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I am in the unfortunate position of being due to give birth today, and yet have had not so much as a twinge. This means today will undoubtedly drag, and I have to find some way of occupying my time. Rather than do something constructive… read full entry →

Low Iron, Absolutely Gutted

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I’ve had the majority of my antenatal care through the local midwife-led unit. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere, a great team of midwives who’re all there for you and make you feel like you’re the only woman in the world currently having a baby. Clearly… read full entry →

The long post that I didn’t write last week

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I feel I should start this post with a series of finger exercises as I may be here a while. Anyway… Let’s start with the move. We picked up the keys on Friday 9th October. Although there’d been some discussion in the days previous about… read full entry →

In your blog, haxx0ring your pages

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Er, not really, it’s only me. Hi. Jem. You may vaguely remember me… I have a lot I could waffle on about. I won’t, though, because if I start now I’ll go on and on and before you know it, it’ll be November and I’ll… read full entry →

Furry Not-So-Friday

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Just a quick entry to let y’all know I’ve added a few pictures of the cats to my flickr :)

Not Long to Go Now

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An appropriate title in more than one way… Firstly, we had confirmation this week that our applications for a different local property had gone through. We get the keys Friday 9th, and I’m hoping to be fully moved over that weekend. We’ll then have until… read full entry →