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I’m a freelance web developer based in a small town called Broseley, in the rural county of Shropshire. I specialise in WordPress web development but have worked with a wide range of open and closed sourced software over my 15+ years in dev.

When I’m not working on WordPress websites, I have a keen interest in technical SEO, affiliate marketing and blogging. I have written and released many scripts & plugins and once ran a tutorial site which, at its peak, received over 20,000 hits a day.


PHP Scripts

Download my free PHP scripts including BellaBooks (as found in the Scriptaculous library) →

Code Snippets

Browse >15 years of dev experience smooshed into short code snippets →


Free stuff for your WordPress site from an experienced WP developer →

Learn PHP

Learn the basics of one of the world’s most frequently used programming languages →

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I am not currently available for work.

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