Merry Christmas, Interwebs!

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I just wanted to quickly post to wish you all a merry christmas 2009, may it be full of fun, frivolity and fat stuffed turkey. Unless you’re a vegetarian of course. I hope Santa brings you all what you asked for. On that note, I’ll end with…

Twas the blog post before christmas,
And throughout the blogosphere.
Traffic was down on websites,
As Christmas time was near.

Read the full christmas poem, by Rhys

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  1. Vasili said:

    Merry Christmas Jem, Karl, Isabel, Hex, Fudge, and piggies. :D

    I remember the year you posted the picture of your tree being ripped apart by Hex. My cat just sits under there because it’s warm (our tree is close to the radiator).

  2. Adrianne said:

    Since Christmas is already over (though the celebration hasn’t ended yet), I wish you and your family (including the cats :) ) all the best and live in prosper in the coming new year. :)