13 things for 2013

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Is it wrong to be entering the new year a little afraid of what’s to come? I can’t even begin to predict where I will be this time next year, and that is scary. Will the self-employment work? Will I have survived the 3pm –… read full entry →

Photo Friday: Men

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I’ve been thinking about baby-proofing recently, as Oliver is showing signs of trying to crawl. @dark_eyed_white‘s tweet on a similar vein got me pondering on the subject again and inspired me to waffle a bit about ‘baby-proofing’. Thinking back, I remember not being too fussed… read full entry →

December Meal Plans

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A wee bit late typing this up but here’s this month’s meal plan… 1st: Chicken & chips 2nd: Lamb chops & mash 3rd: Chicken soup 4th: Toad in the hole 5th: Spaghetti bolognese 6th: Mince & tatties 7th: Homemade pizza 8th: Corned beef hash 9th:… read full entry →

Self-employment 6 months on: the good, the bad & the ugly

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It’s roughly 6 months since I registered as self-employed and told my mostly-fantastic (he’d kick me for the mostly part) boss of 6 years that I was going to leave. Now’s as good a time as any to give you an update on how that’s… read full entry →

WordPress Multisite Shared Media Library

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Dearest WP users and developers, this post is a plea for help. I am trying to create a WordPress Multisite Shared Media Library. I want to be able to upload content (PDFs, images etc) to the main blog of a WP Multisite install, and access… read full entry →

The Royal Baby

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are apparently expecting a baby; Kate Middleton has been admitted to hospital with “acute morning sickness”. I wasn’t going to post, ’cause everyone’s talking about it at the minute and I’m not one to jump on moving bandwagon generally,… read full entry →

Sleep, or the lack thereof

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(Warning: this might get long.) When I was pregnant with Isabel, I frequently joked that I was owed a sleeper. After months of being woken hourly by Izz, thanks to a combination of constipation and god knows what else, I figure I was due a… read full entry →


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I’ve been working on this during every spare moment since my Scrap or Save post… Unfortunately, what with Oliver’s ridiculous sleep habits of late and an abundance of work, spare moments have been few and far between. I’ve been snatching time which would otherwise be… read full entry →


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I got the judgey death stare from another mum in Tesco this morning. I can’t quite figure out if it was because Isabel was stropping, or if it was because I told her that if she didn’t stop stropping I was going to put her… read full entry →

Organise Your Evenings with Meal Plans

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Picture the scene: it’s 4pm, it’s been a long day of juggling work, clients, customers, kids. I’m standing in front of the cupboards while the sound of hungry children fills the air. Despite full cupboards and a full fridge, I haven’t a clue what to… read full entry →

That time again

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Oliver is a few days off 6 months, which means at some point shortly he’s going to be introduced to the wonderful world of food. I’m in no hurry — I’m quite proud of the fact that I’ve grown over 9kg of baby all by… read full entry →