December Meal Plans

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A wee bit late typing this up but here’s this month’s meal plan…

  • 1st: Chicken & chips
  • 2nd: Lamb chops & mash
  • 3rd: Chicken soup
  • 4th: Toad in the hole
  • 5th: Spaghetti bolognese
  • 6th: Mince & tatties
  • 7th: Homemade pizza
  • 8th: Corned beef hash
  • 9th: Roast chicken
  • 10th: Baked spuds & homemade coleslaw
  • 11th: Leek & potato soup
  • 12th: Ham, leek & potato pie
  • 13th: Chicken curry
  • 14th: Freezer leftovers
  • 15th: Steak & chips
  • 16th: Belly pork
  • 17th: Veggie stir fry
  • 18th: Cottage pie
  • 19th: Meatloaf (I still haven’t been able to make this – keep forgetting to get the mince out of the freezer!)
  • 20th: Veggie curry
  • 21st: Fish fingers & sweet potato chips
  • 22nd: Cheese & tomato toasties
  • 23rd: Sausage & broccoli carbonara
  • 24th: Baked salmon & mash
  • 25th: MEGA FEAST (Slow roast lamb shoulder, sprouts, mash, roast potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, cherry bacon rolls, stuffing, yorkshire puddings.. you name it, it’ll be served!)
  • 26th: Leftovers / mum’s boxing day buffet
  • 27th: More leftovers
  • 28th: Leftovers pie
  • 29th: Sausage casserole
  • 30th: Pork shoulder(? not 100% decided on this one)


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  1. Mumblies said:

    Only 3 days of leftovers? Whatever happened to the leftover curry? All sounds rather yummy – might invite myself around for tea a few times ;)

  2. Bosworth said:

    Far, far too much meat there – unless it’s all ethically sourced, free range meat of course. Actually even if it is, is there a need to have a meat meal every night of the month bar about five??

  3. Stephanie said:

    It’s always interesting to see the differences in what standard cuisine is for people in other countries. A bunch of the stuff you list in your meal plans are things I’ve never made or heard of, or things I wouldn’t consider supper foods. I also wonder if we have American equivalents for some of them. Like belly pork; what’s belly pork? Also, do you have veggies with these that aren’t listed? Or would it be, for example, just the pork? Really interesting!

    • Jem said:

      Belly pork = pork belly = the belly of a big (not a whole belly ;))

      I generally have at least 2 portions of veg with each meal. I often ‘sneak’ veg into food too to get it past my picky eater (Karl!)

  4. bosworth said:

    Oh well done! I stand corrected. Where do you buy it? Sadly I could not afford to eat like this but would love to hear any tips?

    • Jem said:

      Some of it is from Riverford, some from Well Hung Meat Company. Unfortunately I can’t afford to eat like this any more – hence the budgeting and meal planning! It’s the leftovers of two discounted boxes that I’m trying to spread out as much as poss (plus cheap sausages from the local butchers for stuff like the toad in the hole); I got both discounts for previously being a loyal customer (which is somewhat ironic now :))

  5. Bosworth said:

    Well it looks like you’ll have a month of good eating. I try to eat vege during the week because I think meat should be a treat. But nothing like a toad in the hole on a winter’s night!