Not an End of Year Reflection

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I was going to do one of my traditional “reflect on the year” thingies, but it occurred to me that there’s not much point. I have actually done very little this year that I intended to. Oh sure, I finally managed to get NinjaLinks in… read full entry →

New Year, New Habits

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As 2009 is fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about new years resolutions. It’s about now each year that I groan and decide that resolutions are not for me, knowing full well that any promises of exercise and healthy eating would be down the… read full entry →

Ho Ho Ho!

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Given that for the next day or so I’ll be rushing around here, there and everywhere, I thought it right that I post today and wish everyone a very merry Christmas, and good luck in advance of 2009. May your days be filled with good… read full entry →


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I came across via Hacker News last week. The idea is that you enter in your domain and a password, and it generates some HTML for you which allows visitors to upload files via your site, except the uploads are sent to uploadthingy. It… read full entry →

Furry Friday: Guest Furries

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This week’s Furry Friday post is brought to you courtesy of my Mummy. These two fine specimens are her boys; both Siamese; Merlin is the silver seal tabby point, Billi the chocolate point. (I’m sure if I’ve got those wrong she’ll correct me in a… read full entry →

Quilting Bee Blog Day 2008

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So, Monday was the quilting bee‘s annual blog day. As I’m sure you’re aware by now — either from my own past entries or from other bee’s — the idea is that dedicated members tell you why they love the club, what it provides for… read full entry →

The Blogmonster!

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Huh, so how’s about this then. A non-WordPress blog? As you may have gathered from the swearing yesterday, I had a few problems with WordPress 2.7. The changes they made to the various comments file seemed to disagree with my 16,000-ish comments, and so MySQL… read full entry →

WordPress 2.7 Can Suck My Balls

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At this precise moment in time I’m supposed to be telling you all about why I love the quilting bee. I was going to break the news about the secret upcoming project that’s going to increase the interactivity of the club tenfold and convince all… read full entry →

No Lube, Only Oxo

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Sorry, we can’t find lube, so why not cover your rudey bits in stock cubes instead… Nice.

Furry Friday: Wet n Wild

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I was at work today, so haven’t had chance to take any pictures of the boys, so figured I’d post this old favourite instead; back when Karl and I lived at the flat, Hex loved the bathroom sink. The odd thing is, he doesn’t really… read full entry →

Downgrading Firefox

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While everyone is busy upgrading their WordPress, I spent this morning downgrading Firefox. As most of you will likely remember, I upgraded to Firefox 3 on download day and was “quite happy” with it. The excitement was fairly short-lived, unfortunately. I’ve been having problems with… read full entry →

Earning More Bells in Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City (City Folk)

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Now that you’ve read my first guide on earning bells in Animal Crossing, you’re probably ready to experiment with making bells in a few other ways? Note: parts of this guide are specifically for Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City (City Folk) and may… read full entry →