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New Year, New Habits

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As 2009 is fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about new years resolutions. It’s about now each year that I groan and decide that resolutions are not for me, knowing full well that any promises of exercise and healthy eating would be down the pan before the first week is out. I want to try a different approach for 2009 though. I know I’m not going to eat less chocolate, no matter how much I promise (although I have just this week cut down to 1 sugar in my coffee instead of 2), so I want to try and attack another bad habit of mine… procrastination and inefficiency.

I really need to pull my act together in the new year and finish off my todo list for and the quilting bee, and I also need to finish the latest round of updates for my scripts. With this in mind, I’ve decided on the following resolutions:

  1. Complete two things before promising any one script or tutorial. No more “sure, I’ll get that done for you”, only to add yet another trouble to my to-do list.
  2. Work on my scripts. That means releasing the extra spam protection for NinjaLinks, and the collective add-on for BellaBuffs.
  3. Put a little TLC in to my website. I didn’t do much with this site in 2008, and this was reflected in both a half-broken install of WordPress and my slowly dwindling hits.
  4. Don’t be afraid to share responsibility. I’ve got a horde of staff at the quilting bee and several active members of who I know would gladly help out, but I get paranoid about asking for help. I need to get over this.

I also need to start re-addressing the way I work (at work). I tend to go through ups and downs of productivity, and when I’ve got less on I check my mail and read PHP blogs and e-books. While this isn’t necessarily a waste of time, there are internal projects and dated jobs I could and should be finishing off. Likewise, better prioritisation would help me manage my time when there’s lots to do, so I need to communicate better with my boss and colleagues.

It’s all about working harder, coding faster, and making the most of my free time in 2009.

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17 comments so far

  1. Jordan said:

    I’ve always had more personal goals set for myself like the usual: lose weight, better money management, etc etc… But I think I’m going to change it up a bit and actually have a list similar to yours.

    I have really slacked off on my own domain so much that my own hits have drastically taken a dip. I guess that’s what happens when you stop blogging, and commenting at other people’s sites. I also really need to clean up a few other domains of mine (primarily HF) that really need to be SEO’d better, and just have deadlinks cleaned up.

    I get so sidetracked with the unimportant stuff to the point I procrastinate what really needs to be done. But hey, I’m still going to try to keep "lose weight" on my list. All work revolving around the computer hasn’t made my tummy bits pretty. :'(

  2. TWD said:

    I think I’ll have to try to apply #4 in real life! I’m a super control-freak when it comes to academic projects because I can’t stand my grade being in the hands of other people. Ditto on the new projects thing; I just end up never getting around to them so I proceed to feel guilty about all those empty/broken promises. :(

  3. Chris Ritke said:

    I hope you’re not going to use your free time to work harder and code faster.

    And: Cutting back on sugar is good – also in coffee: I’ve heard that if you cut back just a little every day you wont miss it some day. I think that’s balony. Coffee needs sugar. And milk.

  4. Ashley said:

    I agree with Hev. Definitely make sure to schedule in some time to have fun in your busy life. :) Sounds like some good goals though. And I am definitely able to help out with the Q*Bee any time you need it! ;)

  5. Kaylee said:

    I think your approach this year can really be a success — with your determination, the resolutions could actually last more than just a week or two ;)

    Like TWD, I probably need to work on #4 myself…

  6. Mumblies said:

    ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’…It can also cause him health problems too by not getting enough time out. I am all in favour of reorganising your time and putting in more effort, but your readers are right Jem and you do need to take time off for you :o)

  7. Tiff said:

    those are pretty good things to work on. i’ve been told that if you just replace your cravings for chocolate with a sweet fruit like maybe an apple, raspberries, blueberries, or strawberries, or any other fruit that happens to be sweet, you can not only eat healthier but cut your intake of chocolate. i always crave for chocolate & i normally just take myself downstairs to get a banana or an orange to replace my cravings for something healthy. plus berries have antioxidants!

    good luck with the working more efficiently at work & cutting procrastination! that’s always on my new years resolution but ..what can i say, i just rock the boat at procrastinating.

    great scripts, btw. i think i will be using one. :)

  8. Mimi said:

    Honestly I think you are a machine as it is, you do amazing things. I understand the need for organization and better time management, though. Also yes, you SHOULD listen to those nagging people.. you know, whoeverrr they are, that always try to help you out. I bet they are pretty cool people.. 8)

  9. Kayla said:

    My resolution is similar…but yet the opposite of yours. I need to get my act together as well, but by doing so I need to focus less on my websites and side projects, and more on school. :/ Good luck with your own productivity goal!

  10. Logan said:

    Hi, this really doesn’t pertain to this blog just a mark of admiration.

    your site is very impressive, not so much on the looks, but on the content provided. keep up the good work :)

  11. Amber said:

    Ah, they’re all admirable resolutions. I set the same type of thing up for myself and for the first month or so it’s great: I feel all inspired, organised, think I have great time management. And then it soon dies. :(

  12. Melissa said:

    I’m not one for keeping resolutions, but I do have a list of things that I’d like to change in my life a bit like yours.

    Like finishing one task before I start the next – I’m the worst for doing 4 things at once and only finishing one or two of them.

    Good luck with yours…but like everyone else pretty much said, don’t work too hard!

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