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Furry Friday: Wet n Wild

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I was at work today, so haven’t had chance to take any pictures of the boys, so figured I’d post this old favourite instead; back when Karl and I lived at the flat, Hex loved the bathroom sink.

wet and wild

The odd thing is, he doesn’t really pay any attention to any of the sinks here at the house.

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  1. Hev said:

    You know, Jem. I hope you are not going to hunt me down cause I save all these pics. I love them all. They all decorate my desktop along with my babies.

  2. Hev said:

    @Nat Marie – I had a cat that would actually join me in the shower. He loved to get wet. I had another cat that would bat a cake pan at me for me to fill with water so that she could go wading in it. It all depends on the breed & cat. Some like it & some don’t.

  3. Mimi said:

    I love how you captured the water mid-air.. Was the sink full of water? I didn’t see any out of the faucet, so it kind of looks like Hex is magically generating it..! LOL

  4. Lauren said:

    My kitty likes the water in the bathroom sink, too!! XD She does not like to get more wet than that, though. She likes to play WITH water, not IN water. :)

  5. Mumblies said:

    Most likely due to the fact that he now has not only large amounts of space to romp around and play in, but he also has a friend to romp around with :o) Lovely piccy Jem.

  6. Anna said:

    It may be some black-cat-thing; my black kitty who looked exactly like Hex loved water as a youngster, too – he’d try to catch it and make an arse out of himself in the process, of course. A very adorable one! He had to be put down on Wednesday though, 10 years old =( Take care of your boys (as you do)!

  7. Tracy said:

    At first I thought he’s hanging from the top. Then I though, well, the only way he can hang down like this is if one of you guys are holding his legs. Then I thought, why would you do that? And then I thought, he’s probably just sitting there…

    Anyway, great capture.

  8. Miranda said:

    My cat does this too!! He waits patiently for us to be out of the shower.. he won’t go in the water, but loves to let it drip all down his face as he laps it up. And now he has taken to jumping in the sink and just waiting for us to turn it on. He doesn’t love to get wet, but he loves to drink the water as it pours, and he likes to play with it. Sounds like Hex is the same!

  9. Anita said:

    I love the way you set up the sidebar links :)
    Although, now, I can’t help but think this layout would look better without the orange colors…
    Don’t mind me, I’m a newb. :P
    I wish I could have a cat…everybody in the house where I live is allergic to some type of animal, limiting my choices to fish and…hermit crabs.

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