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Quilting Bee Blog Day 2008

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So, Monday was the quilting bee‘s annual blog day. As I’m sure you’re aware by now — either from my own past entries or from other bee’s — the idea is that dedicated members tell you why they love the club, what it provides for them, show you what activities they’ve taken part in, whatever; anything goes!

This year I’m not doing that. You don’t need to read my biased opinions (I own the club, I can hardly be “objective” about it). Instead I’m going to tell you about some new features that will be introduced in the new year. Only a couple of bees know about this so it’s all a big surprise at the moment :)

The Q*Bee has a points system not dissimilar to’s (surprise surprise). Members can earn points by taking part in (and winning) activities, posting on our custom “BBS” (the forum), referring new bees, nominating bees for awards, donating free*bees (graphics for other q*bee members) etc etc. There are tons of ways to earn points. The only problem is that there is not currently any way to spend points… and this is where the “plans” come in.

An ex-member member, Arien, initially made the suggestion. She thought we should all have some sort of customisable avatar. The idea is that we implement an entire wardrobe of clothes and accessories that avatars can be dressed in, which bees can spend their points on. Clothes can be limited edition, thus ‘collectable’, or generic. Each bee (member) can save their unique wardrobe and configuration, and this is viewable from the bee’s profile.

This opens up an entire new avenue of interactivity that I’m only just beginning to explore the scope of, but as well as that, will require a shop element. It is then through this shop element that we will be able to provide users the ability to customise their profiles (within reason, don’t get any ideas of myspace here!) and buy tangible items such as domain names, web space, custom q*bee produce, etc (funds allowing). It basically means that the more a bee is involved in the club, the more points they earn, and the more they can buy. In turn, having these new features encourages the activity that gets the points and it’s all one big circle of fun (in theory).

It’s all very exciting, and will require major coding time in the new year (with the help of my programmer bees) but I believe the changes will give the club to expand and improve beyond anything it has ever seen or done before. You’re more than welcome to share your thoughts, member or not.

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

28 comments so far

  1. Jordan said:

    Ohh, so sort of like the new Xbox dashboard’s avatar addition (and similar to the Wii?) Sounds very intriguing, and definitely fun.

    Maybe I can get off my ass to get back into the Qbee again instead of slacking off like last time. I did love it prior but was just too lazy.

  2. Brian said:


    I’m completely blown away! I remember posting an idea in the "Building the Hive" section of the BBS asking what our points would be used for. You responded something along the lines of "we have big big plans." Little did I know it would be this big!

    I can’t wait for this to be implemented into the Quilting Bee. Good luck to you and all of the programmer bees to actually set this up. And to all of the Pixel Team in making the avatars!

    I’m seriously flying out of my seat.

  3. Amanda said:

    Ooh, Jem this sounds cool! It will give some of the more shy bees a little extra incentive to bee more active on the BBS, and in activities, etc.

    I worry though that it would become too much like a competition. I love the wonderful feeling on the bee*bee*s we have. It’s so warm and friendly there.

  4. Hev said:

    Though I love the ideas, Jem. Are you sure that it isn’t more then the QBee can handle. I like the idea about the customizable avatar, but I am not sure about the other things. The rest sounds a little to big for what I thought the QBee is. I agree with what Amanda saying about it not becoming too competitive. I know in my case I enjoy how friendly & non-competitive the QBee is. It is a nice relaxing, non-stress place to be. If it changes then we may lose some bees. Personally, I hate it when I see even one bee in the quilt wash area, but that is me.

    My suggestion would also be maybe special required patches that you can only have for a certain amount of points. You can have certain additions to your profile for points, different colors or themes for your profile, etc. Those would be my suggestions.

  5. Hannah said:

    I’ve really excited about this! I was trying to guess what your "big plans" but never guessed it would be this cool!

    I’m a doller so if you need help making items for avatars, I’d love to help. :D

  6. mendifae said:

    This sounds like an awesome idea! I was thinking it was going to be something with the points but I never imagined it to be something as grand as this…wow! I can’t wait to see the end product!

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