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Furry Friday: Guest Furries

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This week’s Furry Friday post is brought to you courtesy of my Mummy. These two fine specimens are her boys; both Siamese; Merlin is the silver seal tabby point, Billi the chocolate point. (I’m sure if I’ve got those wrong she’ll correct me in a comment… *hint hint*)

Merlin and Billi; siamese cats

Sure, they were expensive, but they’re not as gorgeous as mine… ;)

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

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  1. Mumblies said:

    "As gorgeous as yours" of course they are, they are boofuls. Merlin is a seal tabby point, no silver in that bit, other than that you are spot on Jem.
    AND our boys never so much as glance at Christmas trees :p

  2. Jem said:

    He’s not really white, he’s grey/silver, but the photo has dodgy contrast. Anyway, no, he’s not deaf… except maybe to calls of "no Merlin, get down!" and "no Merlin, you can’t eat that" :p

  3. Roxanne said:

    Aww, look at them all cuddled up with each other. They both are very handsome! The one with his eyes open, Merlin, his face reminds me of a lions face, but smaller! XD

  4. Donna said:

    I have what we thought was a Siamese when we got him, but turned out to be a Balinese. Either way, both breeds have brilliant coloring–Merlin and Billi are no exception.

    Mimi’s right–my cat always looks regal. Sometimes regally pissed, but still. Regal.

  5. Ron Russell said:

    You’ve heard the old expression, "a dog’s life", these cats really have it made. I use to have a Yard Cat many, many years ago as a young boy growing up in rural Mississippi. He would often follow me into the woods on my morning squirrel hunts, a first I was annoyed at him, but quickly found out that the cat (Barney) enjoyed the hunt as much as my small squirrel dogs. They would both race to the unfortunate victims of, my early morning outings, to see which could grab the little furry creature first—at times fighting over the carcus. Sounds bad, I know, but that was life in rural Mississippi in those days–no apologies.

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