November Meal Planning

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A lot more meat than usual in this month’s. I got an offer on a meat box a while back and it’s all sat in the freezer waiting to be used. Figured I should get it cleared out in time for Christmas (uh oh, the C word)

  • Thu 1st: Creamy chicken and leek pasta
  • Fri 2nd: Bangers & mash w/roast veg
  • Sat 3rd: Sweet potato and butternut squash soup
  • Sun 4th: Slow roast lamb shoulder w/trimmings
  • Mon 5th: Lamb casserole
  • Tue 6th: Lamb curry (how far can I stretch the lamb?!)
  • Wed 7th: Veg soup
  • Thu 8th: Veg + potato pie
  • Fri 9th: Salmon fish cakes
  • Sat 10th: Isabel’s birthday tea! :)
  • Sun 11th: Roast chicken
  • Mon 12th: Chicken noodle soup
  • Tue 13th: Toad in the hole
  • Wed 14th: King prawn curry
  • Thu 15th: Corned beef hash
  • Fri 16th: Macaroni cheese
  • Sat 17th: Meatloaf (didn’t make it yesterday because I forgot to take the mince out of the freezer)
  • Sun 18th: Quiche
  • Mon 19th: Spaghetti bolognese
  • Tue 20th: Sweet potato mash ‘n’ meatballs
  • Wed 21st: Chips w/fried eggs & peas
  • Thu 22nd: Homemade coleslaw & baked spuds
  • Fri 23rd: Quick ‘n’ easy pizza (homemade)
  • Sat 24th: Pork chops
  • Sun 25th: Loaded mash with bacon & cheese
  • Mon 26th: Bubble & squeak
  • Tue 27th: Fish pie
  • Wed 28th: Sausage, Potato & Spinach Bake
  • Thu 29th: Chicken strips & chips
  • Fri 30th: Homemade burgers

B. mentioned on my previous meal plan that she noticed the lack of veg on my meal plans. I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating.. I do eat at least 2 portions of veg with every main meal – either as an ingredient or on the side.

I add ‘hidden’ veg, not just to get it past my fussy consumers (aka Karl and Isabel) but because it boosts the veg content without being visually overwhelming. E.g. with my spag bol I will start by softening 2 onions, loads of mushrooms, and a leek:

That’s what.. 2 portions of veg right there? I often grate in courgette (as seen above) or cabbage too. Tinned tomatoes, that’s more veg. I’ll serve it with spaghetti (pasta) and broccoli = more veg. :) Definitely no lack of veg here!

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  1. Aisling said:

    yeah I find with veggies that lots of time I make a meal and kind of add them after. So I might be making a rice mix with meat and throw some peas in a pot, or grab a handful of carrots. They’re not really part of the meal, but still present!