October Meal Planning

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I was really struggling to fill the plan this month. I don’t know whether tiredness (Oliver is unwell) is killing my inspiration or just because it’s a long month, but I’ve had to repeat several meals from earlier months. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, just boring long term. Anyway, without further do…

  • Mon 1st: Roast chicken
  • Tue 2nd: Chicken soup
  • Wed 3rd: Bangers & mash
  • Thu 4th: Spaghetti bolognese
  • Fri 5th: Pizza baguettes (because they worked so well last week
  • Sat 6th: Fish fingers & chips
  • Sun 7th: Mince ‘n’ tatties
  • Mon 8th: Beef burgers & sweet potato chips
  • Tue 9th: Fish pie
  • Wed 10th: Slow roasted belly pork
  • Thu 11th: Vegetable stir fry
  • Fri 12th: Bean curry
  • Sat 13th: Cottage pie
  • Sun 14th: Bacon & broccoli pasta
  • Mon 15th: Toad in the hole
  • Tue 16th: Chilli pasta bake
  • Wed 17th: Butternut squash soup
  • Thu 18th: Sausage casserole
  • Fri 19th: Leftovers
  • Sat 20th: Poached fish & mash
  • Sun 21st: Roast chicken
  • Mon 22nd: Chicken stir fry
  • Tue 23rd: Lamb & sweet potato pie
  • Wed 24th: Cheese toasties & beans
  • Thu 25th: Baked spuds
  • Fri 26th: Omelettes
  • Sat 27th: Creamy salmon pasta
  • Sun 28th: Gammon steaks & mash
  • Mon 29th: Corned beef hash
  • Tue 30th: Chicken chow mein
  • Wed 31st: Meatloaf (never made this before?!)

Ps. if any of you want any recipes for the stuff I make, you only have to ask :) I’m writing up my fish pie recipe as a post for some point this week (hopefully)

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  1. mumblies said:

    Right! That’s it… your meals sound far too yummy for me to resist so I’m coming to yours every night for my tea this month. You could have dumplings with your mince ‘n’ tatties too, they are so nice. Also try tipping a BBQ sauce over your slow roasted belly pork slices, very nice.

  2. Annie said:

    Here are a couple of Chinese dishes – you can substitute a bowl of rice with what you please:

    – Spam and egg (not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s good for a quick meal). :P
    – Steamed sea bass. Firstly, de-gut the fish, wash the fish with salt, put a table spoon of oil into a plate, swirl the oil around the plate, lightly salt the fish on each side, put fish into plate, chop a spring onion, sprinkle some of the spring onion on the fish, steam for 10-15 minutes and – this is optional – then lightly “fry” the rest of the spring onions to pour over the fish once it has been cooked. Oh and add some light soy sauce…
    – Fried beef and tomato.
    – Steamed chicken leg and wings. Marinate chicken in oil, salt, ginger, light soy sauce, cornflour, then place into place and steam for 20-25 minutes (I think).

    If you want some veggies on the side then I usually fry spinach with a pinch of salt. Alternatively, boil some pak choi, choi sum or romaine lettuce for a couple of minutes, strain vegetables onto plate and add a little bit of hoi sin sauce.

    That’s my two pence. I’m happy to share more recipes (dishes, soups, congee).

    • Jem said:

      Oooh I was on your website t’other day, did you see me click through in your stats or something? ;D

      Thank you so much – have got to integrate some of these into next month’s menu!

  3. Carolynne said:

    Wow, I have to say that I amazed you can do a whole month’s meal plan!! I have a hard enough time doing it a week at a time. Whew, congrats. Looks great.

  4. Clem said:

    If you posted the recipe for the chili pasta bake, I would LOVE that. Chili and pasta are two of my favourite things separately, so combined I can only imagine.

    This all sounds delicious. You are making me hungry here. :P

  5. Kristin said:

    Wow that makes me hungry! How organized you are! O_O I wish I had more time to cook yummy dinners. After getting home from work I’m so tired and there’s not much time… I think I’ll pull a few ideas from this list and try am out. :D Have a tasty October!

  6. B. said:

    Are vegetables and fruit expensive where you live?
    I’m asking cause I was on holiday in Berlin this summer and the prices were insane; 5€ for 1kg of peaches (around £4) while at home I’d pay 0,99 cents. Same while I was in Sweden and Denmark, vegetables and fruits weren’t exactly cheap.
    Seems a little weird to me that, save a couple of dishes, the only vegetable in there is potatoes. Broccoli FTW, they’re a source of vitamin C and calcium. Since it’s fall I think you can try incorporating more spinaches, carrots, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, fennel, leeks, savoy cabbage, onions, etc.
    Oh and don’t forget lentils, chickpeas, farro, barley, rice (always whole grain), they’re perfect for salads and soups and they’re rich of minerals and proteins.

    • Jem said:

      I serve 99% of my meals with at least 2 portions of veg – I mentioned this in a previous entry. I don’t list each separately because a) what veg I eat depends on what’s in my veg box and b) it’d take forever.

      I also do a little of ‘secret’/extra veg.. like finely chopping veg into the cottage pie, grating courgette into the spag bol, etc.

      But yes, fruit and veg can be expensive. I stick to my veg box with fruit top-ups from the supermarket, because that’s good quality and in season.

    • Jem said:

      I don’t know if there’s a saving vs. doing it week by week, but I found doing it on a weekly basis I struggled to find the time to sit down and do it for the week ahead which left me not planning at all. This way I get it done, out of the way and can work around whatever I come up with :)