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I’ve been a work at home mum – or “WAHM” – for over 5 years now. My desk is the dining table, my workspace cluttered with children’s debris and my computer mouse frequently sticky from accumulated food gunk. Still, working from home is a lifestyle choice that works for me. Below are some of my tips on how to making being a WAHM work, the good bits, the bad bits, and everything in between.

mum at laptop with child
Pro-tip: work at home mums are never this happy to interrupted by small children

Balancing Work with Life and Kids

If there’s one thing working from home isn’t, it’s easy. Juggling the demands of your own business is hard enough without doing it while wiping snotty noses and poopy bums. Here are my thoughts on juggling life as a working parent:

Starting a Work at Home Business

So, you want to become a work at home parent? Here are my thoughts on how to start your own work at home business as well as advice on the boring legal aspects like registering as self-employed, and declaring your income.

Marketing a Work at Home Business

Once you’ve told your friends and family about your business, what next?

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