24 Hours with Habari

So here we are, 24 hours after moving nearly 2 weeks worth of work (on and off) and it’s still standing. I’m impressed. :) Anyway, given that I know my conversion is generating a lot of talk about Habari and interest amongst you guys I thought I’d collect together some of my initial thoughts. Let’s start with the negative, because then we can end on a positive note…

  • There is no comment mailing built in. I woke up to a near-empty inbox and spent 5 minutes trying to figure out where the world went to. Turns out, all your comments were hiding in here waiting for me.
  • The feed is doing something wonky with some of my older posts. Three old book reviews are sat in there, despite being backdated in the blog.
  • The Habari autop() function ends paragraph tags before <code>, treating it like a block-level element. It’s an inline element.
  • The Spam Checker plugin is not the greatest. I’ll either be improving it or rolling my own.

With that said, these are easily outweighed by some of my favourite ‘features’:

  • Theming was incredibly intuitive for me. I think if you know what a PHP include does, you should be able to very easily create your own theme after a quick glance at one of the available themes. (It didn’t take long to code up this theme, although admittedly the design is from Scott.)
  • The admin panel is FAST. I’ve had WP Dashboard crash Firefox more times than I care to recall. No such problem here.
  • No MySQL connection errors yet. (If you remember, this was one of the problems I had with my first blog system.)
  • The reception from the Habari community on twitter, in the comments on my previous entry and in the #habari channel has been fantastic.

Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without a spot of code…

To fix the autop() <code> bug, open /system/classes/format.php and change (line 117ish):

$regex = '/(<\s*(address|code|blockquote|div|h[1-6]|hr|p|pre|ul|ol|dl|table)[^>]*?'.'>.*?<\s*\/\s*\2\s*>)/ism';


$regex = '/(<\s*(address|blockquote|div|h[1-6]|hr|p|pre|ul|ol|dl|table)[^>]*?'.'>.*?<\s*\/\s*\2\s*>)/ism';

(Interestingly, I googled this to see if anyone else had brought it up and noticed a previous version of autop without code, as above.)

I don’t expect to have the time to make too many of these Habari posts, but look forward to seeing how the blog holds up.

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