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What a Frickin Morning

 |  WTF

I went to see a local property this morning in the hope that, should we find somewhere suitable, we can arrange with the landlord/lady to escape our existing tenancy due to the damp and access issues. Property was quite nice, more than suitable, gorgeous little ‘secret’ garden around the back. Unfortunately I was told at the END of the viewing that it had in fact already been applied for through a different agent and was therefore basically off the market. Talk about a waste of time.

The agent who showed me around kindly took me to a similar nearby property which we’d enquired about at an earlier date and were told was already gone (but wasn’t). It’s not suitable really, and on the way back she dropped me off and it started pissing down with rain. I got soaked walking from the high street to the flat.

Get into the flat, dripping wet, go to fire up my laptop to find the number of the estate agents to confirm that the application for 1st property had definitely gone in, only to discover that my laptop was sat on battery. I knew it was plugged in, so did the usual checking plug socket, adapter etc. Adapter LED was off. Thought initially the adapter had gone pop, so unplugged it from the laptop and in doing so, found bite marks straight through the wire. I know for a fact it was Fudge, because he’s done the same thing to my Acer power adapter. Two fucking adapters in a month. Thankfully the Dell is under next business day warranty so they’re shipping out a new adapter (no questions asked) for Monday morning.

Using what little battery I have left, I look up the bus timetable (we don’t get regular buses out by me, it can be anything up to 2 hours between them) and discovered it was due within 5 mins. Pack my stuff in a hurry, get to the door, and can see from the window that the bus is just arriving. No bloody time to get around the corner to the stop and so I miss my bus.

To top it all off, I tried to add credit to my phone but the Orange website keeps telling me it’s having technical details and so I can’t add a card or use it to top up my phone.

So no house, soaked in the rain, broken power adapter, a missed bus and 23p phone credit. What the fuck else is today going to throw at me before it’s over?

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

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  1. Hanna said:

    I had nice week. I started on Monday being late 1 hour, Tuesday 30 min. Wednesday I was on time and Thursday 15 min. I was on time today luckily. But it really ruins the whole day when you come bit or a lot late and try to get in speed.

    I hope your day won't be any worse. :(

  2. Arwen said:

    Why is it that bad days are always horrible? It's always one thing after another. Murphy's Law, I guess. Sorry to hear about your terrible morning, hope tomorrow's a better day. :(

  3. Jem said:

    Nah, it's my debit card I'm trying to use. It says I have to nominate the card before I can use it to pay but it won't let me do either.

    I do have a swipe card though, might have to dig it out and use that. Bah.

  4. Amelie said:

    When I was on pay as you go, I topped up over the phone (by card). Called an automated number, put my card number in, selected credit amount, done. In fact, it was so easy I used to spend £30 a month making calls to certain people :X

  5. Kirst said:

    Unless it's changed since December or so, your (debit) card has to have been 'nominated' for 24 hours anyway before you can actually use it to top up online or via phone.

    I do the ringing the automated number thing up now. Used to do it online, but by ringing the number I can do it even when away from a computer.

  6. Rebecca said:

    Aww, Jem! That's horrible! It always seems like you can go weeks with nothing out of the ordinary happening, then on ONE day everything crappy seems to happen.

    Yesterday was the first rain we had in a while, and I chose that day to ride my bike to work, when I had been driving the past two weeks. Murphy's Law ftl

  7. Hev said:

    Oh no, hugs Jem. Lots of hugs. You might try putting hot sauce on the next cord. That way when he goes to bite it he will get a mouth full of hot sauce also. Just a thought. Though they do make some spray stuff that I believe is called "no bite or no chew" that you can spray on stuff that should also work. But you usually have to get that from the vet.

  8. Karl said:

    We have it…

    They LIKE it…lick it off again. Fudgie's just a tad special. Still, 19 volts on the tongue should be a deterrent! ;)

  9. Hev said:

    How about running the cord through or under a piece of PCP pipe (plastic) for when she is at home & is leaving it there. I know it would be bulky, but you wouldn't have to worry about Fudge eating it.

  10. Ann said:

    Those are such piddly things compared to what other people are suffering from at the moment. Instead of being angry, maybe you should try counting your blessings instead.

  11. Mumblies said:

    @ Ann, Jem is fully aware of all the bad things that are also going on around the world, and sympathetic to them too. However…as her very own 'Voice of reason' I think I have the right to comment on this, as she so rightly pointed out, this is HER personal website, and written by HER own hand and you do not have the faintest idea just how much Jem has on her plate at this moment, nor is it any of your business. If you feel her comments are far too caustic may I suggest that you take your eyes elsewhere? You do of course have the right dear.

    Sorry the day didn't go well Jem, have you tried coating the cables with dandelion juice? Or that stop nailbiting stuff you can get from chemists? You just paint it on and it really does taste evil, that might prevent him…but then again, this is Fudge, who am I kidding?

  12. Vera said:

    I suggest you don't wonder about that… every time I do, something MORE seems to come my way.

    Also maybe you should ask for a different flavor of wire… maybe he'll dislike those :P

  13. Misha said:

    Why is it that once something has gone wrong in a day, a bunch of other crappy things happen, just to make it worse. I'm sorry the say didn't go so well. But I guess the good thing is that these days rarely come, but when they do, they suck like crap. I hope tomorrow is going to be a better day for you. :)

  14. Barbi said:

    hey jem i just was checking ur site see whats new wit you and u gonna have a baby omg congrats i read it on ur about you congrats :)

  15. Anthony said:

    How selfish of you, Jem. There are millions of strangers, people you do not know nor care about, that are suffering far worse. You should focus more on blogging about them. Blogging about the subjects that other people want you to blog about. How inconsiderate…

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