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My Litter Kwitter Arrived

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I don’t know if I mentioned this on here before (this week has befuzzled my brain) but Karl and I intend on toilet training Hex. As in, properly toilet training in a human toilet.

I have purchased a product especially designed to train cats to do the task, so there’s no duct taping saucepans to toilet bowls and other seemingly wacky ways of doing it like I saw on YouTube! The product is the Litter Kwitter, and basically consists of 3 rings of coloured plastic that sit inside a white seat ‘device’ on top of the normal toilet bowl.

[img: Litter Kwitter]Each ring represents a step in the process whereby the aim is to encourage your cat to pee and poop into the actual toilet, instead of having to use a litter tray. This eliminates smells, gets rid of mess and obviously has the advantage of saving the cost of litter. Now, Hex is a real digger, so if this works it’s going to save me some back-breaking sweeping!

Anyway, as the title suggests, my Litter Kwitter arrived today. We watched the DVD that comes with the pack and it’s both amusing and informative. We’ve put the normal litter tray away and started Hex on the red beginner ring (sealed) in place of his normal tray. He hasn’t used it yet, but I know he’s due in the next hour or so (I know my cat’s bowel habits?) Here’s hoping that he takes to it straight away!

I’ll update you over the next 2 months (the time it takes, apparently) on how it goes. Maybe even some pictures, if I can do it without disturbing the poor little kitty!

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37 comments so far

  1. Stephanie said:

    this is going to be what i have to do with my cats, because i have a terrible gag reflex and even the thought of animal poop makes me gag :[ let us know how it works, lol. and is the gradient in the header new, or am i just slow on the uptake?

  2. Sydney said:

    I’d never heard of cats doing this before Meet the Parents, but apparently, it’s not that uncommon, which is really cool. I’d like to train my dog to do that…but he’s having a hard time learning to stay, so it’s not a top priority. Although, he can sit, shake and lay down when I have food in my hand…

  3. Katherine said:

    That’s pretty neat. I’m too lazy to train my cat to do that. My Dad cleans out the litter box too, so I don’t really have to worry about it. I’d never heard of cats doing this before Meet the Parents… I thought it was in Meet the Fockers? Both maybe…

  4. Maz said:

    Can’t you just let him go in other people’s gardens? :p I have to say though, the animation on the site makes it look awesome. I want to get one… :D

  5. Julie said:

    I’d love to save on litter too. I’d even more enjoy not having to carry the 15-pounds bag all the way from the grocery store. My cat loves to dig too. Actually, she digs everywhere. In her litter, outside her litter, on beds, on walls, etc.

  6. Shannon said:

    Ha. Enjoy watching Hex trying to scratch the heck out of his surroundings trying to cover up whatever smell there is. And don’t teach Hex to flush. Ever. Good luck.

  7. Mumblies said:

    Never mind the sodding cat, I wish I could get my kids to use the toilet!! Jem, if this works I want help in training Jonathan with his aim :o) Hope it works for Hex.

  8. Dee said:

    Heh; I totally saw this one on “The New Inventors” back before it was famous. Weird yet cool idea. On the other hand, I’ve had to fish my cat out of the loo a couple of times and -that’s- not the world’s most fun job, let me tell you. >_

  9. Ashley said:

    Heh heh… I am very interested to see how this turns out. I may try my hand at this when I get another kitten in the future. My cat is 17 years old and uses TWP litter boxes right now. She’s also got FIV, so I’m not about to try to persuade her to use a toilet. :D

  10. Lil said:

    Once you’re finished toilet training him you could possibly teach him to flush and spray deodorisers. Oh and pictures are definitely necessary – I can imagine it will look hilarious in a twisted sort of way.

  11. Linda said:

    My brother’s and his roomate have been using LitterKwitter for the past six months on and off. Seeing as their cat is both indoors and outdoors, she hasn’t gotten used to using it just yet. She’d rather go outside and do her business, and, if I’m not mistaken, she freaked out when the water jumped up her butt after pooping. (If I didn’t know better I would freak out too, I’m sure.)

  12. Hev said:

    Gook Luck, Jem. I hope it works. If it does it will save lots of time, energy & money. But I honestly don’t know if I would hold my breath.

  13. Michelle said:

    My sociology textbook had a section devoted to toilet training cats. This system seems a heck of a lot easier than that did. Good luck with the training! Hopefully Hex will learn quickly.

  14. Brenda said:

    Whao, that sounds um, challenging. All the best in toilet training your kitty though! And should Hex really use the human toilet one day, please please post a pic of him sitting on the loo? :P

  15. Debbie said:

    We had a cat once who would jump up and pee in the toilet of her own choice, we never even thought to teach her to use it so it was a bit of a shock coming in and seeing her sat there using the loo. When she was outside she wouldn’t pee just on the ground like any other cat either, she would find a drain and use that. I think she was dropped on her head as a kitten. Good luck getting Hex trained up :)

  16. Jessica said:

    I don’t have to worry about any of that cat litter toilet training mess. Why? Because I don’t own cats and I never ever will. I can’t stand cats and Bryan’s allergic.

  17. Jessica said:

    This is just too hilarious. It has been hell to get my kids toilet trained that I refuse to even try with my furbrat. Besides my kids would need to ‘inspect’ the thing. Good luck. :D

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