Now That IS a First

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In all the years I’ve been helping people over the Internet, and that’s quite a few years.. longer than I’ve had my website in fact, I’ve often received little or no thanks from individuals. You know how it is, the stereotypical martyr act sort of… read full entry →

Appeal: I Need a Bag

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This is a public appeal for help from all you girlies out there (and boyzies, if you’re that way inclined). I need a new bag. I’m not talking a hand bag, or a clutch bag (I’m still not even sure I know what one of… read full entry →

I Did NaBloPoMoDoReMi Because…

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Now that the blog posting month thingy is over, I’ve noticed a few people criticising the process because “it’s not that big a deal”, or “it promotes shitty blogging”. While I don’t disagree with either (I’ll be the first to admit my own dodgy entries)… read full entry →

Two Fingers to PPPers

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This month, Google has finally given word on the recent controversy regarding the dropping of PageRank amongst those who sell links. As well as an update on the official Google blog, Matt Cutts (that guy who works for Google) has composed an interesting and informative… read full entry →

BellaBiblio v2 is Live

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The new version of my book rating script — BellaBiblio — is now online. BellaBiblio now includes an Ajax searcher that integrates with Amazon Web Services, allowing you to enter a keyword and pull down information on your books. This integration is all thanks to… read full entry →

I Bloody Did It!

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Yes, I did it. It’s November 30th and I have posted every single day. I am so proud of myself, which is kind of stupid because it’s only a blog for crying out loud. :S Nonetheless, I am glad that I did it, It’s taught… read full entry →

Free Software I Could Not Do Without

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Karl and I were talking in the car today about the progression of Windows, the upcoming service pack 3 for XP and the extortionate prices charged for the likes of Microsoft Office. This of course got me started on the benefit of free software, although… read full entry →

Yes, Another Layout. Sorry.

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So, hands up if you can figure out what I’ve been doing today? I’ll give you a clue: it wasn’t what I should have been doing. I have a feeling that some of you will be disappointed with the layout. If you spotted the title… read full entry →

Day Off Tomorrow

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I’ve got the day off work tomorrow, so if there’s something I’ve been promising you or something that I’d said I’d do, now’s the time to remind me so I can get some things crossed off the list in the coming weeks before Christmas. Hopefully… read full entry →

BBC ‘loves’ its single quotes

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I can exclusively reveal that the BBC website editors have a serious addiction problem. This news may come as a shock to some, but I know a few who’ve noticed the dramatic increase over the years. It’s a serious case of infatuation with the single… read full entry →

Caption Favourites #1

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I underestimated the amount of submissions so I’ll post a few links over the week :) First: Ad Tracker (#) and Louise (#)

Caption This

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I’ll link to the website of the person who submits the best caption in my sidebar (Asides)… In other news: there is no other news. I’ve been working on tutorialtastic all weekend, including adding the rate functionality I talked about in my last TT post.