BellaBiblio v2 is Live

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The new version of my book rating script — BellaBiblio — is now online.

BellaBiblio now includes an Ajax searcher that integrates with Amazon Web Services, allowing you to enter a keyword and pull down information on your books. This integration is all thanks to the work of Mat, who integrated the Ajax and made it all nifty. The new stuff cuts out the manual to-ing and fro-ing to Amazon to pick up the ISBN/etc. There’s also basic support for a recommended books add-on, which can/will be improved in the future.

The biggest change is probably the fact that BellaBiblio is now released under the GPL. Although this doesn’t mean a great deal to the majority of you, it allows other developers to work with the script however they see fit.

As per usual, if you find any bugs or problems please let me know. Feedback is appreciated.

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  1. Mat said:

    Thanks for the plug Jem. The Ajax amazon feature was something that I just initially saw as the perfect thing for use in BellaBiblio from my own experience and lazyness it was just too much work to have another browser tab running around the web looks for those details and 9/10 id go to amazon to find those details so what better way than to harness the service itself. I’m glad we could work together and managed to stay on track even with all that time in-between :P Thanks Jem; I look forward to doing this again sometime.

  2. Ning said:

    I never thought I’d want a book reviewing section entirely since I didn’t think I’d need a script itself for something I do once in a blue moon but it looks just too attractive to resist. I probably will try it out soon! Great work and thanks for the hard work!

  3. Jabed said:

    I just adore your little bee quilt sign on your sidebar, which programme did you make it. Speaking of pixels, I think you should make some pixel tutorials on your tutorial wesbite

  4. Jem said:

    @Jenny: Cheers :) I already mentioned it via email but I guess that answers it for anyone who comes here – I also said that those looking for pixel tutorials should check out the websites of other q*bee members because I can’t pixel to save my life!

  5. Yvonne said:

    I hope you’re doing the Bella Fanlisting Collective next!! I’ve been waiting forever for it. =) I can’t wait to use it and finally have my things organized!!