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A Party in My Blog

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I lied about the party bit, but this is going to be random so the title might as well be a stupid one :P

We ended up taking the Christmas tree down. The behaviour spray worked for a while but then he just started to get used to it. He was actively chewing the branches; even knocked the bloody thing over this morning. Yesterday we discovered that the lights weren’t working because he’d chewed through the wires (I am glad we had bought some low voltage LED ones!) I’ve got a picture of the destruction for your viewing amusement.

I am still a bit wobbly from the weekend, with everything I eat coming out …well, let’s just say I might as well skip the chewing part and just blend everything up because it’d save me time and effort. At least I can eat to some degree now though. I still feel sick while eating but it’s staying down.

I have only 4 working days left now until I break up for Christmas (Mon-Thurs next week) with tomorrow booked off to theoretically see my niece in her Christmas play, so I’m already pre-loading my todo list with things to get finished off by the new year. Only a 3000 word report to write at the top of the list, nothing major (sarcasm ftw).

Now that people have stopped telling me who I can and can’t link to in my own blog — thanks for that — I can happily report that by linking to Jessica my website didn’t self-destruct, I didn’t lose any hits and feedburner is not reporting any major fluctuation in readership. I appreciate the concern nonetheless. It has caused a handful of people to start sending me nice thankful emails though, which is sweet but totally makes me feel like an ungrateful attention whore. (Yeah, I know: I am.)

There are now 53 users at tutorialtastic (thanks for the support :)) and the star rating system thing works. I added an area for people to submit the names of scripts to get them reviewed for safety but I don’t think many people noticed. Don’t all rush over there at once, mind ;)

Must shut up.. so little to do, so little time to do it in and all that. Top of the list is figuring out how to make the flat look festive without my tree! :( Ho ho ho.

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25 comments so far

  1. Kris said:

    Lots of tinsle… tinsel.. meh you get the idea, and the lights fromt he tree hang on the bookcase, also could try that strapping the cat to his bed thing and put the tree up again :D

  2. Matt said:

    LMFAO I am laughing so hard at the before and after pics. Seriously. My dad is telling me to shut up now, eek. Someone telling you who you can and can’t link? I hope you told them where to go? ;) Paint your flat red and green! ^_^

  3. Rachael said:

    Who told you who you can and can’t link to? That’s kinda gay… As for the tree… It’s times like these I’m glad I have a dog. Maybe you could get like a little USB christmas tree or something? Maybe a tiny desktop thing. That way you can still have your tree, but you won’t have to worry about it being Hex-ified…

  4. Bobbi-lee said:

    That’s why I don’t have a tree because of my cat. I didn’t even bother buying one last year to even try in case she knocked it over or chewed it up. Now that I have two cats there is no way i am getting one. I am not too fussed about Christmas anyway and don’t like to do the whole Christmas decoration thing, but Carl insisted we have a tree so he bought a tiny 25 cm tree that is in a pot and can be placed up high out of naughty cats reach.

  5. Kelly said:

    :) Oops at Hex eating the Christmas tree – the before and after pictures show it must have been tasty, or maybe it was a rival for affection and it had to be killed. /goes to register at TT :D

  6. Mumblies said:

    I am sorry that you had to take the tree down, hopefully by next year (if Hex hasn’t been decapitated by you by then) he will have settled down from his playfulness enough to leave it alone for you and Karl to enjoy. There is of course, always the one you have yet to decorate ;) for you to look at instead. I am certain that the Christmas play will take your mind off things, I just know that you are going to melt when you see that Jem. No McD’s for you today methinks… somehow i just can’t see you eating one of those yet.

  7. Annie said:

    Shame you had to take the tree down but…wow…Hex did a lot of damage. It looks like my tree now, all bent out of shape :D. Maybe you could buy a miniature one? Have a great time at your niece’s play :).

  8. Sarah said:

    Well Jem, thanks for warning me about cats and trees. I really want a cat, but can’t have one at this place anyway. However, if I were to get a cat, I now know that cats and Christmas do not mix. ;P I got to work nine days in a row, then I’m working Christmas Eve, then I’m back on the 27th. Nice, eh?

  9. Carly said:

    Maybe you could get a tree and dangle it from the roof. That’d certainly look a bit modern and different and Hex wouldn’t be able to jump up at it. Ok, it’s a silly idea….

  10. Emsz said:

    Our cat doesn’t attack the three fortunately :) We always put stars up when it’s Christmas as well, but she doesn’t attack those either :P

  11. Nan said:

    I am sorry about your tree! I hope Hex had Christmas enjoyment enough for a couple of years. In general I love before and after pictures of everything (almost).

  12. Vasili said:

    No tree at Christmas!? That’s like killing the holiday, but it’s better to not have one than have a dying cat. 53 people at TT, wow and it’s been like 2 weeks if that since you started it. *has looked at script submit thing before* I might submit a script to your rating thing, but it will be mine xD P.S. Where I live (New York), the Santas in the mall have to say ha ha ha, instead of ho ho ho because it’s offensive to women.

  13. Chrissy said:

    That is how our tree looked the first Christmas after getting the boys. Trust me, our tree was worse looking than that after three kittens took to it. This is why we have a tiny 3′ tree with all plastic/wooden ornaments that are secured to the tree. Oh, and the tree is duct taped to a table. And the table is duct taped to the wall. I’m not sure if I have won the battle or lost it. I’ve lost my mind, that’s for sure.

  14. Jessica said:

    Last year my cat was 6 months old. He didn’t dare mess with the tree. It didn’t have his kind of toys on it (the shiny paper sounding balls – that looks so wrong). Well since it became winter in California last week (it is actually below 60f now) he thinks everything is his & that he finally figured out what his present last year was for. It was a blue foldable cube thingy for cats. I am waiting to see it tumble across the room. I will make him go visit his friends early if he tries to kill my tree. I do hope that person you are referring to isn’t me. Cuz you know I haven’t really paid any attention to anyones blog this month. Really since Halloween.

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