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My Mum mentioned to me this evening that I never did follow up my entry on the swans and she’s right. I realised that I’ve not followed up on any of my entries for months, barely discussing anything but superficial crap and the Internet. So here I am, telling you how things are with me…

The project that I’ve been slaving over since early February (and stressing about on a regularly basis — the cause of every entry where I swore a lot, and locked off comments) finally went live on June 1st, but is not finished yet (and already “stage two” is annoying me). I had to sacrifice my perfectionism for practicality on more than one occasion, and often worry endlessly that it’s not up to scratch. However, I’m seeing positive results already and that’s all that matters.

I did manage to see my niece on her birthday in the end, and despite both her and Dylan being full of cold we had a great day. Unfortunately I’ve only seen them about once — briefly — since.

I’ve been rather impatient with fools on the Internet recently, picking up on petty little things at Snark and Mint Pages that I would normally ignore. Of course this is all good fun and passes the time, but I always seem to pick those who lack any degree of intelligence. Instead of getting into an interesting debate I find myself talking down to what appear to be children. Woe! Gone are the days where e-drama actually meant something! :(

I’m having issues with wind right now (you probably didn’t need to know that), Karl and I have been discussing (i.e. I’ve been nagging) about possibly getting permission from the landlord to keep a cat and I have a bacon sarnie sat in front of me. So there we go.

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  1. Amelie said:

    Mint Pages, bah. You and your elitism. Hmph Cat in a flat wouldn’t be a good idea I don’t think. As much as you might want one, cats are naturally adventurous and the ones I’ve lived with have always preferred to be outside or running around or whatever. Also – you’ll need a litter tray, and in a small flat that = ooh, smelly. ;) Or maybe I’m just trying to put you off because I’m jealous that my landlord won’t let me have a cat :(

  2. Julie said:

    I got a cat in an “apartment”, two actually (well, the apartment is large) and while they do love to run around, they also love to take naps. They look outside a lot, but they barely ever ask to go and, when they do, it’s not overwhelming, just a brief little meow.

  3. Ashley said:

    I live in an apartment with my cat. My 17 year old, sweet, precious, baby girl. :D I love cats. You should totally get one Jem. Get Arien to send you one of her kittens. Hope the wind dies down. ;)

  4. Bubs said:

    Is it just me or has Mint Pages been rather dead lately? :\ I want a cat, but my parents forbade me to buy any more animals :P I hope you get one!!

  5. Sara said:

    I adore cats. Actually, I just got two kittens last week. They are ADORABLE! I hope that all goes well with your landlord’s decision (for you).

  6. Brenda said:

    Cats are adorable, but they are also very scheming. I was friendly to this grey cat in my neighbourhood and recently he began peeing on the mat at my my front door. :(

  7. Bobbi-lee said:

    I have two cats, we didn’t tell our landlord for the apartments we live in, then he saw one in the window sill and he figured we had one. We don’t dare tell him we have two, as he told us he doesn’t mind cats, but too many people have cats in these apartments so everyone is limited to only one. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind though, he is very good friends with my fiance. My cats are inside cats anyway, they never go on the balcony or anything.

  8. Jordan said:

    I hate cats Obviously excluding cats in macros. Except, I don’t mind this one cat of Mark’s, Ginger. She’s really weird, and has “dog-like” tendencies (eg: She’ll lay on her back to get her belly scratched, she’ll “talk” back when you talk to her, and doesn’t meow ungodly amounts for attention.) Then again I just think it’s really cute when Mark talks to her and she’ll meow a response. I’m just a dog gal, more specifically a pug :D

  9. Amber said:

    I find having a debate with someone of low intelligence is like tripping a legless person up. Why do you want to have a cat? Everybody knows the dog is a man’s best friend.

  10. Carly said:

    I’m moving in August and my new landlord allows pets – been thinking about either a cat or a fish! But the cat… I’d have nowhere to put her when I move out the following August and go back to uni… so fish it is?

  11. Melissa said:

    Yay for your project! Glad there are positive results at least. :) Woot for getting a cat! I love kitties…Arien’s kittens are just so adorable every time I go visit her, I can’t wait to take mine home!

  12. Amanda Jo said:

    I’ve lived in my rental house (for college) for 1.5 years, and from day one the landlord has not let me have any pets, other than my fish. I am a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge cat lover– they bring me the most joy in this world, and it just kills me that I cant have a cat. I do work at an animal shelter, so I get to see some every week, but its not the same. And I do have 6 cats at home with mom, but I cant go home that often (1.5hrs away). I just asked him today about the cat thing and he still says no. He doesnt give a reason, but obviously its the mess that cats make – dander, hair, pee, smell, etc. It’s too much trouble to move now, and we have the best spot you could ask for as far as how close it is to school – literally just walk across the street! I guess I will just be in sorrow for the next 2 years that I plan to live here, and be exactic the day I move out into a new cat friendly place!