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Parenting archive

I became a parent in November 2009 and, as the cliché goes, my world turned upside down. PHP posts turned to pregnancy, midnight gaming turned to midnight (and 1am, and 2am, and ...) feeds. Here lies documented tales of poop, boobs, toddler tantrums and the nitty gritty that goes with being Mum.

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Looking For a Property

The contract on the flat (apartment) that Karl and I have been renting since October 14th 06 ends in April. I can’t believe it’s been nearly 18 months since we moved in, but more importantly, I can’t believe we’re deciding to look for somewhere new.…

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Ho Ho, Nearly Christmas

Sorry, I know some of you avoid Christmas like the plague, but I have to mention it at least once before December otherwise I’ll positively burst! Christmas, it’s my favourite time of year (and if you didn’t know before, you do now). I love the…

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Busy with Family

My Dad has been over since Saturday so I’ve been spending time with him. Not enough time/energy to blog, but will update ‘properly’ or at least with something interesting later on this week. Probably Thursday, after I’ve got back from work and the piles of…

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Fairly Stuffed

I took my Mum out for dinner this evening as it’s her birthday, and I’m blogging about it purely because I was really impressed by the quality of food and standard of service. Now, everyone knows I’m a grumpy bugger, and usually will only review…

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