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Birthday Business

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I had a nice birthday weekend. :) It was arranged for my Dad to come and visit me, in secret. Unfortunately that meant he had to see my siblings too, who spent a large portion of the weekend shouting and screaming in competition with each other. It’s still illegal to kill off siblings. Damn! I didn’t have any cake either, darn it. I’ll have to get Karl to buy me some next weekend to make up for it. ;)

Anyway, got to spend a bit of time with him, whooped his ass at a few card games and pool (like snooker, only.. not.) He went back this morning thus I packed him a huge feast for his lunch and waved him off, telling him how important it is that he comes back soon.

I did very little computing/surfing over the weekend because of my family distractions — not that I’m complaining — it took my mind off BellaBook, which I’m incredibly anxious about. Nobody, not one person, has contacted me yet with a bug. For any sane person this would be reason to celebrate. Not me, I’m not sane! It just makes me more nervous because I assume that when someone does finally have a problem it’s going to be huge and unfixable and argh! I am such a cynic.

I’m still sick, believe it or not. Not majorly vomiting sick or anything, but I have the shakes today and a big headache, sore throat and a cough. This cold is a bit of a bar-steward to shake. :p It best be gone soon, I’m hoping to hear back from a job I’ve applied for. *fingers crossed*

I’ve been helping Karl get his website up. It’s a shame really — because he has a life and a job and doesn’t have time to publicise himself 12 hours a day like I do, people are less inclined to visit and miss out on his bloody wonderful sense of humour. Just check out some of Pet Hates.. he’s almost as grumpy as me:

I have no problem with driving or fog lights being used as manufacturers intended, but I have a MAJOR problem with “Mr Tiny Dick” sat on my arse, as I try to get from A to B without having him run into me, as he blinds me from behind/in front.

So, hmm, that’s my weekend in a nutshell really.

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  1. Anne said:

    No one made you any cake??? Poor girl! Having to face a birthday with no cake. *shakes head at the thoughtless family* lol That’s great that you got to see your Dad, though. =) I don’t have BellaBook (I’m still not exactly sure what it’s for lol), otherwise I’d probably be bombarding you with questions. lol Did you get the birthday gift I sent you?

  2. Mia said:

    Oh arse, I missed your birthday? Well, a late HAPPY BIRTHDAY in that case, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. :) It’s a shame you’re still feeling icky though, ugh. *also crosses fingers for you on job*

  3. Carly said:

    I hope that you feel better soon! No cake? Karl best get you one, I’d cry if I had no cake! Heheh. It’s not legal to kill siblings? Oops… (Hides body) I’m sure bellabook is ace, and there are no big bugs – but if their were, you’d be able to kick their arses. Cus you’re Jem and you’re great. *crosses fingers*

  4. Stephanie said:

    I always check on Karl’s site once a month about to see if anything happens. Yes, he’s very funny. Left me really laughing out loud several times :D So glad your Dad came over, that’s great. Hopefully he’ll visit soon :)

  5. Jordie said:

    Gracious, Jem, you’d be the first person I’ve met that’s actually wanted to get complaints about something they’ve made. :P Normally people underappreciate their abilities. That was sarcasm. :D I’d probably be worried too, after an encounter with that jerk who thought it might be a good idea to crack into your server when you didn’t give him your complete, undivided attention.

  6. Manon said:

    that little blurb reminds me of how nuts the driving is in London… it’s down-right tame here. I’m so so glad you had a good birthday. So happy for you that you got to spend more time with your dad!

  7. Anne said:

    Oh, by the way…if you want me to, I’ll make you a T-shirt (at my cafepress shop) that says, “Don’t make me mad. I’m running out of places to hide the bodies.” =D

  8. Andrea said:

    I hear you on the waking up sick thing. My boyfriend attempted to wake me up at 10 this morning, and it didn’t so much work. He said he knew I was sick the second I wouldn’t get up when he called my name. I’m not that sick…just a sore throat, stuffy sinuses, and a slight temperature. I hope you feel better!

  9. Lindsey said:

    Happy belated birthday! The line “It’s still illegal to kill off siblings” made me a laugh. A lot. Thank you for that Jem :D Jem (grumpy) + Karl (grumpy) = match made in heaven, don’t you think?

  10. Vera said:

    I can relate to that… 1/2 of my 2 week holiday I was either trying to sniffle inaudibly or trumpeting into various handkerchiefs… alternately ordering dad to go an buy some more. Second half my weird rheumatism (*shudder* I’m sooooo old waaaaaaah) kicked in: meaning the top of my left arm was hurting big time. AkA: no sleep, no moving arm, but must move arm cause it hurts… and even if I move it it still hurts. at least you had a great time. :) bu no cake? You HAVE to have cake! I never agree to cake-less birthdays, even if I have to bake them myself (which I don’t … I buy them).

  11. Nikki-ann said:

    A belated Happy Birthday! I think I know how you feel… I still feel pretty crap myself. I decided to take some syrupy stuff to sooth my throat this morning and the spoon kept shaking! Anyway, I hope Karl gets you an extra gooey chocolate cake to make up for the lack of a birthday cake over the weekend. Take care.

  12. sonja said:

    i am glad you liked your pressie Jem (dad) hehe sorry i couldnt make it tho but i had to work but any way happy late birthday hon and i realy hope wee see eachother soon lots of love Robin, dad a,d me ;) xxx

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