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My Darling Niece

 |  Parenting, Personal

I didn’t go into work today because I wasn’t feeling great and instead, spent most of the day munching on dry toast to get over the sicky feeling in my tummy. Anyway, come this afternoon I was feeling a bit better so decided to pop to the shop and drop some CDs in for my sister-in-law on the way..

As I entered her front room my niece chucked her arms in the air so I could give her a big hug (nothing new there) and then proceeded to wipe her snotty nose on my t-shirt. She patted me on the back as if to reassure me that it didn’t matter I was now covered in snot, and promptly fell asleep on my shoulder.

Nice to know I’m good for something…

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  1. Joni said:

    Welcome to the world of todderhood…I’m so glad those days are past for me…unless I decided to have more (which isn’t an annoucement and is in fact highly unlikely). Heh.

  2. Stephanie said:

    Mmm, snot-covered Jem. And don’t worry, I’m sure you’re more than a snot-rag, eventually you’ll be the spit-up rag, too! And then you’ll be living the high life, ;)

  3. Robbie said:

    Mmm, snot. My favorite delicacy. It’s best when seasoned properly, and you have to heat it to just the right temperature. Serve it with a cup of chunky milk and have a dishing of vomit on the side, it’s great.

  4. Amelie said:

    *Schnirf* *Wipes nose on Jem’s snotty t-shirt* You can collect people’s snot on your clothes! :D Woo! :P (Yes I’m up at random o’clock again. Can’t sleep due to recent events and stuff :/ )

  5. Mandoline said:

    I thought you knew that what she did, give you her snot, is a special gift. Not many are blessed enough for a child to feel comfortable to make such an emotional transaction… ;-) But, super “Aw” about the falling asleep on the shoulder bit… that is the cutest. They are always so peaceful when they doze off…

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