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Photo Friday: Happiness Is…

 |  Parenting, Personal

When I received the photo friday ‘happiness is…’ email this morning, immediately I thought of my niece eating the fondant out of her Cadbury’s Creme Egg yesterday. It made her happy, and it made me grin like a complete prat (I do that a lot ’round my niece). Anyway, as her parents don’t agree with having her pictures on the ‘net (something I generally agree with) I went with:


..instead. Happiness is… going on holiday with the man you love and building your first ever sandcastle (I don’t remember doing any as a kid, anyway).

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8 comments so far

  1. Chans said:

    Cool picture! Sand castles are fun, I used to enter this weekly ‘competition’ it a campsite we were staying at for 6 weeks every year building sandcastles. I got the same email and I’m looking through my photos deciding which one to pick. It’s hard as most things on there make me happy.

  2. Elea said:

    Wow, that’s a pretty sophisticated sandcastle. Now that I think about it, I don’t think *I’ve* ever made one before…

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