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exhausted :x

 |  Parenting, Work

It’s funny: one of the reasons I quit my old job was because it was leaving me mentally drained, exhausted and frustrated at the end of the day. I stopped blogging because all I wanted to do was rant about certain people making things very awkward. Now I’ve got my new job I come home and I’m tired from working, but it’s a “good tired”; a “happy tired”. Now I’m not blogging because all I want to talk about is work, and what I did that day and how awesome it is and how my l33t skills make it so much fun.. but of course we know what happens to people who blog about work.

I went to see Dylan and Charlotte yesterday, as it was my day off and I figured I’d get away from my compooter and the Internet. I have to say, chasing around two toddlers is a lot less relaxing than it sounded in my head. Dylan started walking just before his first birthday last Sunday and he’s like a man on a mission! Copying his big sister in everything. Unfortunately, while Charlie (Charlotte) has started to develop a sense of danger (i.e. how high she can climb up things before she falls off), Dylan hasn’t, and I spent most of the day lifting his podgy baby bum off of the furniture.

Still, I wouldn’t swap this feeling of relaxed tiredness (at work and home) for the frustrated feelings of uselessness at my old job. I’m happy :)

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  1. Xeronia said:

    Yay for happiness! I doubt that you’d get fired for saying that you like your job. Dylan sounds like my younger brother when we were youner: copycat. It won’t be long before his energy dies down (maybe about ten years), and he gets a sense of danger (in maybe 2-3 years at most).

  2. Julia said:

    Dylan and Charlie sound awfully cute. I am especially amused about Dylan following his big sister in everything. I have a little sister who does the same.

  3. chanel said:

    (I tried to leave a comment before so if you received it disregard this one). But anyhoo, my job reached the point where it IS “exhausting”. Not physically but emotionally. I love what I do but I hate who I have to work with. Spiteful broads. Of course, they decide to make everyone’s life miserable due to their unhappiness. Luckily, they’re being replaced next week so we will see how it turns out.

  4. Chans said:

    Good to hear you are really enjoying your new job! When you notice a change in being tired (from exhausted to happy) you know you made the right choices job-wise. Toddlers, I know what it’s like running after one all day. My friend has a 2 year old girl and she can be quiet a handfull, but at the same time she’s adorable.

  5. JC said:

    They get dooced! I’m pretty secretive about where I work, what I do, names, and removing my full name so they don’t showup in searches. I’m in the same situation as you though. I enjoy work and want yabber about it. LOL

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