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I am an in such a fucking foul mood this evening. So many stupid things…

  • I spent part of this afternoon re-doing work that I spent almost three hours yesterday polishing off (don’t ask).
  • My face broke out in spots down one side last weekend and they won’t piss off. I look fifteen again.
  • I haven’t seen my niece and nephew since Easter and it upsets me, yet the two most important people in their lives are far too fucking busy arguing with each other to appreciate the time that they do have with them.
  • My niece turns three next Friday and because of said arguing I’ll probably not even get to see her.
  • I’m fed up of stupid salads and vile veg. I need some fish and chips or a greasy fat pizza or something. And a stiff drink (shot of vodka or three should do it).
  • I feel so demotivated I’ve not played with my Wii since Tuesday(?)

To make things worse I can’t even sidetrack myself with the Internet, because it’s virtually dead.. no e-drama, no fun, no controversial blog entries. Where is everyone?

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  1. Amber said:

    If this dead phase continues I’m going to have to buy that t-shirt, “nobody reads my blog”. I look fifteen again too – oh, wait, I am. And acne infested at that. Only Spiderman is allowed to go emo!

  2. Vera said:

    Go review “numbdoll” (on or here) : be our usual self and then you’ll have e-drama. ^.^ That’s really sad about your niece, but we’ve all got problems. I’m generally very rarely criticize people who seem to behave “idiotically” (not referring to Internet issues here :P), as it’ll come to bite me in the backside. I’m just as idiotic, if not more.

  3. Kate said:

    Oh dear… I hate blogs like this, I never know what to say about personal problems. But yeah, no E-Drama and it’s really boring :(

  4. Stephanie said:

    I’d recommend that you force yourself to play the Wii for a bit. Play something funky and challenging. (That Mario game comes to mind again.) And mail your niece a pretty present in the mail. Maybe there’ll be more controversial blog entries once exam season is over.

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