Update on Jamie Timbre

Following on from my post on Jamie Timbre’s fraudulent attempts to sell tickets to seminars that don’t exist I have a few updates. I’ve officially lost count of how many fake profiles are associated with… read full entry →

Jamie Timbre is a Grade A Fraud

In July 2007 I outed Jamie Timbre for conning hosting customers out of hundreds of dollars by claiming they owed charges on DDOS attempts that had never happened, e-mail spam that was not the customer’s… read full entry →

Pants: Inked By Erin

To help soothe the disappointment of my lost Pantsing opportunity, I went to rev.iew.me and did eenie meenie on the websites page. Lo, my cursor fell on Inked By Erin, which is quite a nice… read full entry →

I Poke #breastfeeding Trolls

Yep, it’s my not-so-secret pastime. The equivalent of pounding on a stress ball when I’m in a shitty mood. You see, when Isabel was much smaller I did some searching on twitter for “breastfeeding” in… read full entry →

Kim Kardashian; Tits or GTFO

This is Kim Kardashian: She thinks breastfeeding in public is only OK if you use a cover1 2 Riiiiight. Let’s just say I won’t be taking tips on modesty from her.

I Got Trolled

Once upon a time, if someone left a comment on one of my entries that made me suspicious, I had the time to look into it and figure out who the person was and where… read full entry →

I’m Concerned

Indeed… concerned that here in the UK we consider someone aged 16 old enough to have sex and, with that, cope with the consequences of this action (the possibility of producing offspring; having to raise… read full entry →

You Are a Fucking Twat

Yes, you. Firstly, for this: …and then for the “I Don’t Support Breast Feeding in Public” Facebook group. But, let’s assume for one second that you’re simply an ill-educated fool who doesn’t have a clue… read full entry →

You’re Fucking Kidding Me?

I was going through my stats earlier (as I do, several times a day, hah) when I came across Legion Training and Education Consultancy. No, I’m not planning on joining a foreign legion… the site… read full entry →