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Thank you to those who sent me e-mails and/or left comments after my ranty post yesterday. I appreciate that effort that it takes to try and be sympathetic or supportive so it’s always nice when I’m on the receiving end of that good will. I chilled out with some beans on toast and an evening of Wii Play/Wii Sports.

Primarily though, this is a thank you to those who left your thoughts on my post about Using Web Tutorials. I never realised how strongly some of you feel, but it was quite nice to see that about 98% of you actively take part in/encourage crediting. It was somewhat odd that a few of you took it upon yourselves to assume my point of view when I deliberately avoided posting it, but such is the nature of blogging I guess.

For the record, I believe in crediting where it’s due. I also think something only becomes mine if I use the knowledge learnt to create something new; simply modifying it doesn’t change the underlying structure — or in the case of HTML/PHP/etc tutorials — the code. That said, I’ve never actively encouraged people to credit tutorialtastic which is why it always surprises me when people do :)

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  1. Amber said:

    If I use something, I credit. Not just because it keeps me covered from e-drama, but because it’s a sign of courtesy. My thoughts on your last blog were mixed and I couldn’t really think of a coherent reply. Relaxation is good for the soul. As is sitting around doing nothing. What isn’t so good for you is when you wake up the next morning and realise that you have a million things to do… (which is what is happening to me at the moment.)

  2. Tom said:

    I always credit a site when I use something/help from theirs. Therefore I expect people to credit me when they use something of mine. It always pisses me off when I see something on a certain band of websites where the webmaster states clearly that they made something them self or it is copywrited to them when it is obvious that their layout is a copy of some other, higher-rated website or their tutorials; I saw appearing months ago on an origional tutorial-based website, eg Tutorialtastic. Thanks for making it known!

  3. Matt said:

    Heh, I didn’t reply on your blog before last, but I agree with Amber, I always credit where I feel a need (whenever I used a tutorial etc.) I find myself crediting less and less these days though, not because I’m lazy or anything but because I’ve actually learnt how to do things my own way without looking at tutorials and other people’s code. I ‘just know how’. I still used to credit tutorialtastic when I visited it for help though (and sometimes still do!) Glad you’ve cheered up though.

  4. Carly said:

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better… I’ve had an awful few days myself – arggh. I’m going to settle down with my laptop, and the Eurovision song contest on tv tonight. Hopefully that’ll ease the headache and general feeling that I need to murder. Which I had a wii I’d box the night away! Hehe!

  5. Annie said:

    Happy to hear that you’re feeling better :) I credit sites which have aided mine, as I’m still a beginner I can’t completely code a whole site. With that said, I haven’t been able to credit on my site because Freewebs is having trouble.

  6. Kate said:

    I agree with you about crediting when it’s due. I mainly credit from tutorials if I use the outcome I get from it for anything, but if I then use the skills I learn to do something completely different, then I don’t credit them in the same way. I might mention it but it wouldn’t be as big a deal to me about crediting. Usually, any sites that have helped me out are linked somewhere on my site anyway because I think it’s best if everybody possible can get the same help.

  7. Kristin said:

    I’ve never actively encouraged people to credit tutorialtastic which is why it always surprises me when people do. Ironically, this is where a lot of the problems lie. Several places offer things and do not ask for credit, however, everyone should have the decency to credit them if they use the work from that site. :) You souldn’t have to ask, it should be automatic.