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Aunty Mariooo Had a Long Day

 |  Parenting

I’m not one to talk about my day usually but I feel like rambling a bit right now… :)

I went to see my niece and nephew (and their mum, obviously) this morning and was greeted with hugs and smiles and childish giggling. There’s nothing quite like ending a working week by spending time with two bundles of fun! Charlie (Charlotte) has an obsession with my hair (she tries to brush my hair with her little Winnie the Pooh hairbrush, and steals my hair band) and Dylan wanted me to read to him “Mary Had a Little Lamb” over and over again.

Of course, there’s also the small matter of my name. I am not Aunty Jem, oh noo no. I am “Mariooo” (marry-ooo). This is entirely down to my Mario t-shirt, which Charlie immediately recognised the first time she saw it. If I don’t wear the t-shirt when I visit, it’s almost enough to bring her to tears. “Where’s Mariooo?” she says, giving me the big sad-eyes look. I swear, if you think I’m a bitch, put me with my niece and my nephew for the morning and you’ll soon think differently… they melt my heart.

After dropping them off at Nursery for the afternoon, Anna (their mum) and I went shopping in Chav Central where Anna announced to the entire of Primark that she was desperate for a new bra and that “big bras always look like granny bras” — apparently you can’t get anything saucy or frilly in anything above a C. I don’t disagree, but generally I refrain from discussing it in front of 30-odd people (she says, writing this to a few thousand…)

I bought the two little ones three MASSIVE story books (about 1m across by 1m deep), some colouring books, scented pens (wtf? I have no idea), a couple of t-shirts and a giant fluffy rabbit. I feel somewhat pleased with my Aunty status this afternoon, even if my feet are killing me, my eyes ache and I’m somewhat dubious about being called Mariooo forever-more.

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  1. Jenny said:

    Aww, Charlie & Dylan sound so adorable! The only young relatives I have are all in Hong Kong and generally make fun of me speaking Chinese. Not the.. ideal relationship I’d like to have with them! Tell Anna there’s.. Anne Summers, La Senza, AP and such which usually have ‘big’ saucy/frilly bras in stock. :P

  2. Carly said:

    I agree with katy, primark is useless for the more bonny lass. I can’t wait til I’m at the stage when I’m able to buy cute little pressies for relatives… Though I don’t want my brother to be spawning little’uns just yet….

  3. Stephanie said:

    Oh, I understand. HOW I understand. Little people are fun :d My baby sis got to wear one of her cute outfits today — it has FRILLS on the butt! I squealed. Seriously, there is nothing better than little kids ;) And at least you can find a bra. It seems like the terms “32” and “B” are bad when mixed; the stalkerish customer techs always leave me alone after I tell them why I’m walking out of the store ;P

  4. Sarah said:

    Is that marry-ooo as in it rhymes with ‘shoe’, or marry-ooo as in it rhymes with ‘glow’? I’m reminded of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland where the White Rabbit keeps calling ‘Mary Aaaaaaann!’ at Alice.

  5. Han said:

    “apparently you can’t get anything saucy or frilly in anything above a C” nonesense! I’m a DD and I’ve got loads of lovely frilly bras! One has polka dots too :D La senza and marks and sparks! and *cough*ann summers*cough* hehe

  6. Mumblies said:

    ROFL at Julie’s comment Jem……Glad you had a nice day though. It does both you and Anna the world of good to de-stress and get some retail therapy in. You wonder why i never do it? I have more respect for my feet. Perhaps you should point Anna towards Bravissimo?

  7. Angela said:

    Awwww thats too cute! My niece does the same thing, she is obsessed with my hair, brushing it, playing with it and stealing my hair bands. It’s really cute :D! And what a sweet Aunt! I do the same thing to my niece and nephews, it’s our job to spoil them rotten isn’t it?

  8. Sara said:

    aww they sound really, really adorable! i have two sisters, and a cousin, and i babysit quite often… i call all of the children my little munchkinzz !

  9. Sarah said:

    Aww Jem does have a soft side after all. :P I have a little neice I still need to visit, my first neice. She’s 5 months old and is cute apparently. Ugh, I had to go to town today to buy some interview clothing, I feel your pain. Primark sucks, the sizes are off and the customer service leaves a lot to be desired, as you know. ;)

  10. Melissa said:

    Wow, that’s a lot of stuff. XD But if my sisters ever have kids, I’ll probably be the same way. :P Oh by the way, hope your scripting stuff is going well! And the Q*Bee activity! Yay! :D

  11. Nan said:

    ” Poor Jem. You don’t know what kind of toy of mine my boyfriend and I have decided to call Mario” Oh Amusing! I love my aunt role as well – of course? I like my own child better closely followed by nieces and nephews. You sound like a great aunt role model – I should spend more quality time with my nieces.

  12. Jessica said:

    This post makes me wish I lived closer to my neice and nephew to spend more time with them! Yours sound adorable! I love the names Dylan and Charlotte. They sound pretty lucky too – I’d love to get any one of those gifts that you bought them :)

  13. Natasha said:

    Aww, they sound absolutely adorable :) I know what you mean; people tend to think I’m a bitch as well but get me around a group of kids and I become such a softy.

  14. Mary said:

    Off topic, but here’s a good Pants Award: In the owner’s FAQ, she states that getting permission and crediting a site for stolen celebrity pics (she didn’t mention the stolen part, though -.-) is “obviously not the same as removing a copyright, ‘claiming it as your own’ and not crediting the site where it is from.”

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