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DIY, decorating and de-cluttering; home improvements and recipes: anything vaguely home or garden related gets chucked in here.

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A little bit more meat

(Because the alternative is telling you all about the fact that Isabel specifically requested my presence in the bathroom yesterday to show off her “BIIIIIIIIG poo!” … oh.) As per previous post, I had my Well Hung Meat meatbox on Friday, complete with a shoulder…

 |  Home & Garden

Sat in the car…

…next to Izz, who’s fast asleep in her car seat. Typing feels weird, because the skin on my fingers has been shredded from shovelling gravel and lifting concrete. We went out to try and buy Isabel a slide yesterday, and while we couldn’t find one…

 |  Home & Garden

Answer Me This

Why is it that the area of the sink underneath our dish-drainer always seems to get dirty, despite the fact that the only thing that ever gets put on it is clean dishes? Our dishes are washed in very hot water so you’d think that…

 |  Home & Garden

Rain Rain Go Away

It’s probably not hit the news over in the States because rain in the UK is hardly a new thing, but here in England and in Wales we’ve got some serious wet weather issues going on at the moment. The country is under water in…

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