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It’s probably not hit the news over in the States because rain in the UK is hardly a new thing, but here in England and in Wales we’ve got some serious wet weather issues going on at the moment. The country is under water in many places with rivers bursting banks and more rain still to come. A young man from Hull has died trying to help his Grandfather clear a drain and a teenage boy has been swept away.

The river that flows by me (the Severn) hasn’t flooded yet, but lower Ironbridge/Coalbrookdale — which are just down the road — are in serious trouble after a nearby brook ‘overflowed’. With that and the water from the ground it’s caused floods around the school and nearby houses putting older residents in danger.

So, this is just a little message to all of my UK readers as well as their family and friends: stay safe, stay well and stay dry. Don’t go out unless you absolutely have to and don’t take silly risks!

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  1. Alyssa said:

    Aww, my. That’s terrible. :( I hope you and everyone else in the UK are safe. Every spring — in the town I used to live in — the river would flood due to the heavy amounts of snow that we had. Some years, it would flood up to some people’s doors and the children wouldn’t be able to go to school dry. It’s so bad.

  2. Amelie said:

    *Is nice and dry* No floods ‘ere like. Don’t want to speak too soon though, oops… Although we’re not really near any rivers so we should be ok… *Crosses fingers*

  3. Nan said:

    And it is coming to Denmark too… At the moment it is raining hard. I am sad that people get hurt – while we just sit here at home and think the rain against the windows is cozy. I thought it was supposed to be summer though… Stay safe!

  4. Carly said:

    It allllways floods in York. Nothing new here! But we wanted to go to the beach today and couldn’t in fear of lack of trains if lines flooded!

  5. Chantal said:

    Ugh, sorry to hear all that. Weather has been acting crazy all over. South-East Europe is being plagued by a heatwave. I’m in the middle. One week it’s HOT, and the next it’ll be pouring down like crazy. Let’s hope it will not get to flooding.

  6. Stephanie said:

    No, as far as I know, the news hasn’t really reached the States. But that is serious, more so when the Connecticut river flooded here a while back. Hopefully, there will be an end in sight.

  7. Hev said:

    Oh my gosh, I didn’t realize that it was that bad over there. My friend, Rhea, in Ireland, didn’t tell me all this. She said that it was raining, but not this bad. Here in the midwest of the states we are getting lots of rain but nothing like that. My thoughts are with you.

  8. Laur said:

    That’s really sad. That article says a 68-year-old man died just getting out of his car… sounds like it’s pretty bad over there. I hope everyone stays safe.

  9. Amber said:

    Last time I heard from my auntie (she lives up in Grimsby) the water levels was almost up to her conservatory door. I haven’t heard from her since but hopefully she’ll be fine..

  10. Rachael said:

    We have rain! *waves hand* We do! We do! Not so much that it’s flooding though… We flooded a few years ago. Silly canal boat ended up in the train station. Haha!

  11. Daz said:

    The rain sucks. I was sitting/sleeping in my car yesterday lunchtime, windows slightly ajar, sun a-shining, birds twittering etc. I’m awakened by a huge clap of thunder and a wet shoulder. Ugh.

  12. Jem said:

    @Rhys: sunshine for us this morning too, but it’s going to take a few dry days to get rid of the mass of water at the bottom of Ironbridge.

  13. Annie said:

    This morning isn’t looking too bad, actually it’s quite sunny with a nice blue sky :) Yeah people would probably assume these past few days have been typical British weather but it’s worse. Hopefully no more people get hurt and the weather brightens. Just checked the weather and it’s meant to be sunny today with a maximum high of 14. Sounds great but these days the weather forcast has been “a little” off.

  14. Tanya said:

    We’ve had a few flood warnings here in Manchester, and most of the roads near me are under a couple inches of water at least, but it doesn’t seem to have risen much higher overnight. Stay safe Jem and other UK readers!

  15. Chans said:

    I heared about it on the news here in Holland. I hope things will look up for everyone in the UK soon. We have a lot of rain here too but not nearly as bad as over there and I hope it stays that way

  16. Laura said:

    In Rotherham (Yorkshire), a dam is on the verge of collapsing after the torrential rain. It’s terrifying. It’s something I’d expect in January, not June.

  17. Kelly said:

    I watched the news last night (BBC News 24 and Sky News) with amazement as I saw the pictures on the screen – I’m so glad I’m on the other side of the Pennines (Preston, in Lancashire). Then again, I live right near the River Ribble, and if we get much more rain soon, that might breach.

  18. Tom said:

    I live in Chesterfield (Derbyshire, midlands) and it’s terrible here! Both the rivers that go through here have gone over their banks and no one could get to school today (YES!) – not that it’s open for my year – it acted as a sort of hostel center last night for people whos houses were flooded so they’ve only let the younger kids in today. Of course, that’s utterly stupid, because if anyone was to drown it would be the little’ens. People are being hele-lifted out of their homes in Rotherham apparently. Meh.

  19. Sabrina said:

    That is abysmally sad. I live in the United States, so cross-Atlantic news doesn’t reach us unless it’s terrorism-related, but I hope the UK is getting by with the awful flooding..

  20. Jane said:

    I am so glad I live in North England rather than South England, because even though the weather is shitty and rainy and cold, despite the fact it is nearly July. But we do not have any serious water problems.

  21. Dicle said:

    Let it be floods instead of deserts unless no one gets hurt. I’m afraid of those global warming theories.

  22. Hayley said:

    Silly risks? I wonder if spending the weekend camping in Locko Park, Derbyshire counts as a silly risk. Did it last weekend, going again this weekend. You can’t stop me evil weather gods, I’m too hardcore!

  23. Saya said:

    Yes, the brilliant british weather never lets us down right? And typically the wettest day had to fall on the day I forgot a jumper, so I was walking home in a t-shirt in the rain. It is really bad though, thankfully a bit of sun today. Terrible that theres been flooding and stuff..scary too! *sarcasm* Go Global warming.

  24. Amelie said:

    I am so glad I live in North England rather than South England @Jane: the floods are in the north of England! They’re in Yorkshire/Shropshire, mostly…

  25. Ben said:

    Im finding it quite dry down here in the south-east somewhat. No flooding, just occasional showers. Hope you stay safe Jem, and everyone in the north/mid-lands/anywhere that is flooding!

  26. Sara said:

    Aww… we get a lot of rain here in Indiana, US during certain times of the year, but other times it is scorching hot! For example, today was 90 degrees Fahrenheit, then out of nowhere it started to pour for many long hours! I feel your pain Jem… Stay dry!

  27. Tracey said:

    The same sort of thing happened near me a few weeks ago :( I hope everyone stays safe and their properties don’t acquire too much damage.

  28. Rachael said:

    ^ Shropshire is Midlands though, not North :P Ah, only just… We’re more midlands than you! *fakes a dudlaaaaaay accent* Not that I’m even in Dudley, I’ll have you know. I’m much posher than that.