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Where Do Swans Go?

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No, this isn’t one of life’s little questions like “where do flies go in winter?”, but a genuine concern.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been regularly watching two swans on the River Severn. They must have been nesting because there was a built up area of grass on a mini island, on top of which one of the swans has been permanently perched. Except, we’ve had naught but rain for over three days which has brought the river level up thus covering the little island.

a nesting swan

I couldn’t see the adults as we drove past their stretch of water earlier, I’m worried now that whatever the swans have been sat on will have been washed away. It makes me feel a little sad.

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  1. Hayley said:

    I’m sure they’ll be fine, they’re probably off floating and enjoying the wet weather. There’s only one swan in our local park, a female who seems to spend all her time with a huge male goose. I’m dying to see what the offspring of that marriage look like.

  2. Amber said:

    I’m sure they’re fine too. Except I’m quite apathetic to birds so maybe I can’t summon the emotion that the situation really deserves.

  3. Mumblies said:

    I expect the adults are fine, as they can swim and will most likely go off somewhere higher if they want to get out of the water. But if they had eggs in that nest, then it’s possible that if they were unhatched that they may be lost, the water would be too cold i think. It’s a shame, but i am sure that if those eggs are lost they will lay more and hatch those safely somewhere a bit higher out of the water’s reach. Well i’d like to think that they would anyway. Finger’s crossed for them :o)

  4. Aithnea said:

    I’m not sure about swans in Britain but the swans that we get in the Spring at my home town only stay for about two weeks. After that they fly north to Alaska for the summer. May-be your swans have done the same.

  5. Jem said:

    @Aithnea: no, they’ve not gone… I saw the swans on the river bank on the way back from Karl’s mum’s earlier. I think any eggs have gone though :(

  6. Katriona said:

    Aww, I really hope the cygnets are okay. I’d be worried too, if the swans were always perched there they might not have hatched yet =(

  7. Stephanie said:

    I hope that they’re all right, and not dead/hunted. But knowing how animals adapt, I would think that they were out getting food or something. But then those cygnets do look pretty big. Perhaps they should be able to swim already. Wondering makes me sad.

  8. Han said:

    Dont say these things! It breaks my heart to be in the kitchenwhen I make baked potatoes cos they scream it upsets me! Swans homes being flooded upsets me equally! I was gonna email you – I bought mariovsdonkey kong and I’ve completed it – in about 5 hours! Working on getting all gold stars now!

  9. Annie said:

    I’m sure they’ll be fine. All the swans/cygnets by the pond/park here have been doing well even though it’s been raining heavily.

  10. Rachael said:

    Maybe they’ve drowned and gone to hell? Maybe they’ve moved to higher ground? Maybe someone saw the rising water level and came and rescued them? Try not to worry! They’re probably fine! And… omg. You should feel honoured. This is my first comment since getting my domain… Woo!

  11. Alys said:

    Why on earth does the Queen own all wild swans in the UK? I was researching something or other for school, and managed to find the above.

  12. Daz said:

    Actually, Alys, Not all wild swans do belong to the crown in England. There is a stretch of the thames where all swans who settle belong to the Dyers and Vintners of london. These “bylaws” are an ancient agreement. The most famous royal for eating swans was, of coarse, King Henry VIII, who used to have a dish called “The King of birds” which consists of a de-boned swan stuffed with de-boned goose, stuffed with de-boned smaller birds, until you got down to a quale. Very ellaberate but am sure it was very tasty. I do a similar thing these days, but I obviously exclude the swan, as i am not a dyer/vintner, or royalty!!! lol!

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