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I’m Not a Drinker, But…

 |  Home & Garden, Personal

There’s nothing like three quarters of a bottle of white wine on a Sunday evening to relax with, whilst watching the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. All I need now is a huge bar of chocolate or a tub of bloody gorgeous ice cream (and I have neither, darn).

It’s lucky I don’t suffer from hangovers, I have work in the morning…

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15 comments so far

  1. Aaron said:

    What season of Grey’s Anatomy? I’d have to agree, though. There is nothing better. Well, I don’t drink, so I would go for the ice cream or chocolate bar.

  2. Sarah said:

    Personally, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend an evening than a good bottle of wine and McDreamy. :D (He’s just so pretty…)

  3. Han said:

    I never watched all of greys anatomy though I’d love to get it on DVD and watch it! Its good! I would have watcxhed it last night were it not for the oh so sexy pascoe!! mmm

  4. Ben said:

    OMG…. McDreamy. Grey’s Anatomy. Wine. Chocolate = HEAVEN. Is jealous~ New series starts on LivingTV soooon! The adverts have started :3

  5. Montoya said:

    I was insane for Gewurztraminer a while back… still am. Now I’m really into Cream Sherry, imported from Spain. You should try it some time! Great for this kind of weather.

  6. MC said:

    I’m anxiously awaiting tomorrow night’s episode. I’m definately looking towards Addison’s spinoff especially if that spicey doctor she shared a kiss with is there.

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