All Loose Ends Tied (hah)

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I finally received confirmation yesterday that my application for the course on web apps I talked about has been received and accepted, so I am trying to tie up as many loose ends and get as much stuff done as possible. This is not as easy as you’d think, because every time I try and get something done the cat sits on me. Just writing this post is a battle of Jem vs. Hex, with his misplaced paws causing screeching along the lines of “JESUS CHRIST WILL YOU REMOVE YOUR CLAWS FROM MY BREAST!”

Dramatics aside, I have a very long to-do list any any hope of getting it completed before the end of this month is going to take a miracle. Even stuff that’s been on the cards for months (such as a re-design for tutorialtastic) will probably still be on said same cards by 2008. Holy mackerel it’s nearly 2008.

Anyway, I had my annual review at work last week (I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started) which was pretty short because I didn’t have much to say. Aside from “pay me more”, which I didn’t even have to say because my boss is that good he brought it up first. Yes, I am sucking up here. Yes, I still love my job (how lucky am I?)

Top of the list (apart from paying my council tax) is finishing the restructuring on this site, because sitting in limbo doesn’t do it good, and finishing off the “new” version of BellaBiblio. I say new, but really it’s the same thing with some added AJAX flavouring from Mat. This coincides with other scripty goodness including an as of yet unnamed replacement for those using SimpleDir (ew) and the long-promised BellaBuffs collective. Oh how I wish I could write code in my sleep.

Safe to say I’m well and truly stretching myself in anticipation of this upcoming course (probably needlessly, as I’ll know so much already) but we all know I work best under pressure anyway.

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