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Stuff I Grew

I couldn’t think of a more imaginative title, sorry. Runner beans, which have gone a bit mental: Om nom nom… Strawberries (I’ve got 3 plants in this pot and 3 out the front, these are cropping better): The mangetout peas are out of control! One of 6 tomato plants: Round courgettes: And the world’s tiniest… read more →

Turf Wars

In August last year, we bought 21 rolls of turf on a whim to replace a large patch of gravel out the back without a) measuring the garden or b) making preparations beforehand. It took 3 days to de-gravel, de-concrete and then lay the turf which, having been sat outside a local Homebase, was already… read more →

Glorious sunshine

What a weekend. 20 degrees in March, fantastic. Predictably spent most of it in the garden (and have the pink toasty shoulders to show for it – oops) Tidied up the front garden a bit (although forgot to water flowers – south-facing daffodils are looking very scorched) and bought a big plastic compost bin from… read more →

Green Fingers

Well, actually mostly brown from the mud, but ‘brown fingers’ has disgusting connotations so… Anyway, back in the garden this weekend to make the most of soaring temperatures (well, 15 degrees ish). We have removed the stupid random fence panel and gate that enclosed the little patio area directly behind the house, which means I… read more →

Rain, rain go away

The British weather (I know, it’s March and therefore quite normal) is dampening my gardening spirits. Har har har (get it … rain, dampening? Groan.) Wanted to get out in the garden over the weekend but could only manage short bursts because of the downpours. We have given the poor, neglected turf a bit of… read more →

The Good Life pt2

After our visitors left yesterday (Amelie, Ben & Thingy) we spent some time pottering around nearby gardening/DIY shops and then started back on the garden. This is exciting news because we’ve a) bought a greenhouse now – one of those slightly wobbly click together w/plastic cover things and b) we’ve decided what we’re going to… read more →

The Good Life

Yes, my weekend was like a scene from The Good Life. Plotting, digging, planting, re-potting, etc. We have Grand Plans to turn the garden (right; not to scale) into something both beautiful and practical over the coming year. Fruit, veg, and flowers for the bees and butterflies. Our back garden is north-facing, which is fairly… read more →