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Tom & Barbara Good

Yes, my weekend was like a scene from The Good Life. Plotting, digging, planting, re-potting, etc. We have Grand Plans to turn the garden (right; not to scale) into something both beautiful and practical over the coming year. Fruit, veg, and flowers for the bees and butterflies.

Our back garden is north-facing, which is fairly pants for growing usually, but we know that come March-April time, the sun is high enough in the sky to flood both the front and back with light. Already most of that weird sticky-out bit of garden is toasty warm from early morning to well past lunch (when someone else’s house currently gets in the way — how inconvenient) so while everyone else in Shropshire was hiding indoors from the snow, we were hardcore gardening.

The plan is to stick a cheap plastic greenhouse at the very top end of the garden, have raised beds down the right for veg and big pots down the left for fruit/flowers. What is currently grass (and slightly waterlogged turf, but that’s a post for another day perhaps) will be bordered by kiddy-safe flowers either directly in the ground or raised slightly with borders (rock, wood? don’t know yet) and in old tyres.

Of course, this all assumes my dodgy pregnancy-bearing pelvis hasn’t completely given up by then…

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