Glorious sunshine

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What a weekend. 20 degrees in March, fantastic. Predictably spent most of it in the garden (and have the pink toasty shoulders to show for it – oops)

Tidied up the front garden a bit (although forgot to water flowers – south-facing daffodils are looking very scorched) and bought a big plastic compost bin from a local nursery that’s being wound down. Got some bedding plants ready to be potted up and placed somewhere to brighten the place up, and a colleague has offered me a big sack of horse manure to fork into the raised beds. Blueberry bush and cherry tree covered in lots of lovely new growth so obviously happy where they are, but no sign of any growth from the tomato / pepper seeds – thinking it might be a bit too chilly overnight even in the greenhouse, so might pop them in the airing cupboard to give ’em a quick boost.

Isabel spent most of the weekend interrogating worms, ladybirds, butterflies, bees etc. Not sure clapping her hands whilst holding a worm was the best idea, but she was convinced he was enjoying it…

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