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(Because the alternative is telling you all about the fact that Isabel specifically requested my presence in the bathroom yesterday to show off her “BIIIIIIIIG poo!” … oh.)

As per previous post, I had my Well Hung Meat meatbox on Friday, complete with a shoulder of lamb thingy. Lamb being my favourite meat of all time, t’was an event to celebrate. I slow roasted this with big roasties and a load of veg yesterday, most of which ended up burnt… but the lamb was FANTASTIC.

I am telling you this in the hope that, despite not remembering to take any pictures of the resulting lamb (or the failed burnt veg) you will consider me an aspiring domestic goddess. Or at least someone who knows how to whap the oven on to 170 degrees for 3 hours, whatever.

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  1. Amelie said:

    Even though I was eating my lunch when I read the first paragraph, it still made me laugh out loud XD Go Izz!

    (I have nothing interesting to say on the subject of the meat. :P )

  2. Mumblies said:

    I sincerely hope you both the ‘Big Poo happy dance’ to celebrate the arrival of said big poo. I do when I’m sitting her (yes, go on you may laugh)
    I’ve found over the years that making a big thing and lathering on bucketfuls of praise helps little ones get over any fears they may have of going.

    Glad your lamb came out nicely, next time don’t bung your roasties in at the beginning but pop them in when you have around an hour left, checking and turning them regularily and if needs be taking them out before the meat is done and just popping them back in for 5 mins to reheat.

    • Jem said:

      Didn’t pop them in at the beginning, but did still pop them in far too early (I forget that fan assisted ovens are a bit more efficient)

  3. Josh said:

    I’ve recently been realizing how often poop is going to be an issue with kids, and this is very alarming to me. :P

    And “Well Hung Meat” never gets old for me. /immature