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Well, actually mostly brown from the mud, but ‘brown fingers’ has disgusting connotations so…

Anyway, back in the garden this weekend to make the most of soaring temperatures (well, 15 degrees ish). We have removed the stupid random fence panel and gate that enclosed the little patio area directly behind the house, which means I can now see right down the garden. The garden looks bigger for it, and it means if Izz is outside while I’m cleaning I don’t have to worry about what she’s up to.

My sister popped down on Friday to help with some bits and together with 4 tyres we worked out that we need 42 in total to border the higher up bit of the garden. Not quite the “20-odd” I predicted in my previous post on the subject. We have 4, so only 38 to go … anyone got any spare 15″ tyres knocking about?

Talking of tyres (well, sort of) my poor Fabia has an oil leak. :(

Back on subject – garden – we now have a blueberry bush, and a dwarf/patio cherry tree both in half barrels up the top of the garden, and my raised beds are on the way. Karl bought and fitted a water butt, so we shall be efficiently saving water soon (never before have I been excited to see it rain, but in preference it can wait til I’m at work or in bed).

Peppers + tomatoes started off in the cheapo greenhouse this weekend. I normally do 3 but have done 9 of each this year. I may be asking for trouble but after last year’s disastrous yield of 1 red and 2 green tomatoes (and bugger all else) I’m taking no chances. Any bagsies for tomato chutney come the end of summer?

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  1. Amelie said:

    Teehee, you said butt.

    Re tyres – mine are 15″ and need replacing at some point soon, when we do them I’ll see if we can keep them and bring them next time we come down, but you might be waiting a while ;)

    Go to a scrapyard or even to a garage – they’ll probably have loads of old tyres going cheap (if not free).

    • Jem said:

      According to el Google, most garages won’t give them away because they have to follow certain disposal regulations. However, with the Fabia going in to our local place at some point we’re hoping we can wangle some freebies!

  2. Mumblies said:

    Why not ask about the tyres at the local recycling place? I noticed a huge skip full of used tyres up at ours and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind at all if you explained what you wanted them for.Failing that cinder blocks are very cheap and can be filled with compost and used as walls with a place to grow on the top too.