The Good Life pt2

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After our visitors left yesterday (Amelie, Ben & Thingy) we spent some time pottering around nearby gardening/DIY shops and then started back on the garden.

This is exciting news because we’ve a) bought a greenhouse now – one of those slightly wobbly click together w/plastic cover things and b) we’ve decided what we’re going to do with the flower border around the main grassy area…

Think, combination of:


Basically, we want a 2-tyre high border around the outside, with flowers / herbs / dwarf tree(?) planted within.

Our thinking:

  • Excellent child-proof barrier that small children can bounce off with minimal risk of injury
  • Allows us to grow a mix of acid and alkaline soil loving plants in the same general area
  • Easier to control growth of the plants we do go for (and easier to control the weeds!)

We’ve also seen a cool idea in a kids gardening book where a tyre planted with thyme has been used as a nice-smelling seat.

Now just to find 20-odd old tyres…

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  1. Karl said:

    “Click together plastic things”…I think you mean “bastard inventions from hell that mean you need to resort to a hammer and some axle grease to assemble, while your partner proceeds to cry with laughter whilst watching you”….heh..

  2. Katy said:

    I am going to have a garden soon, yaaaay! mostly lawn, and not as big as yours though, but space to BBQ and put a few plant pots

    I do like the tyres though, especially in bright colours