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…next to Izz, who’s fast asleep in her car seat. Typing feels weird, because the skin on my fingers has been shredded from shovelling gravel and lifting concrete.

We went out to try and buy Isabel a slide yesterday, and while we couldn’t find one (end of season, all shops seem to be swapping garden lines for other stuff) we did find a batch of turf on offer. And so, with our long term plan to turf the garden and the unwillingness to pass up on a bargain, we bought it… 21 rolls. (Note: without measuring the garden.)

And so we’re turning this:

back garden

into (yes, ok, it’s photoshopped. badly. come on, I’m using a touchpad!):

So, as well as not measuring, here’s some other things we didn’t do:

  • Look at/check how much gravel was actually in the back garden
  • Check how the stone patio circle thing was put in place
  • Look up how to lay turf

Discovering that you have an area of about 1.8m x 3m covered by 6 inches of gravel and a patio stuck in place with 3 inches of concrete and another 2 of builders sand, after you’ve already bought the turf? Incentive to work harder, ha. We’re 3/4 done…

Bitten off more than we could chew? Perhaps. But it was a bargin! ;)

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  1. Mumblies said:

    Forgot to mention that you are using the estate agents pics of your back garden too :P
    It may look strange at the moment but I’m sure that when it is all finished it will look a whole lot more family friendly, and certainly be more fun for Izz to play in (and safer too) hang in there… you will get this done. :)

  2. Kelly said:

    I don’t know if you use it but chechout You may want to reconsider using an estate agents pic of your house again (you’re safe this time :)

    • Jem said:

      Anyone that desperate to find my address could probably do so via other means so I’m not hugely bothered, but this is v. interesting – thanks