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More BellaBuffs updates

Made some new changes to BellaBuffs this week thanks to feedback and bug reports from Téa P. They are as follows: Fixed XHTML validity issue in form textareas in: join.php, update.php and contact.php Changed value of submit button in contact.php (copy&paste error!) Included footer.php in…

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A Request and Some Updates

Firstly, does anyone know if there is a way (or a program) to alter the mapping of keys on a Mac? I keep hitting ” for @ and vice versa and it’s incredibly frustrating when I’m coding all day and keep surrounding attributes with superfluous…

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Potential Changes to Layout

I’m stuck. I need help to decide which of my two ‘new’ layouts I should work on further and which I should just chuck. Edit (19:49): Thank you for your help so far. An overwhelming majority picked number two (over number one) and I’ve used…

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BellaBook3.3 is Out

For those who use BellaBook, there’s a new version out. If you’re using versions 3.1 or 3.2, you can download the new version, delete the blank text files in the new one, customise the config.php file to match your current preferences and upload the new…

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Changes at Tutorialtastic

I don’t know how many of you noticed that tutorialtastic recently gained authors — I gave three trusted friends access so they can publish their own tutorials should they want to. They’re lazy gits though so it might never happen. :p Anyway, it’s part of…

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look into my eyes.. WordPress ‘eyes’, that is. I uploaded some new free smilies (emoticons) to my free smilies page yesterday, which are of course totally awesome and completely free (although charging 50 pence ($1) per smiley is a tempting idea I don’t think it’d work out). They’re…

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Another New Layout

I know, I change layouts more often than I change my underwear, but seriously.. who didn’t find the blue incredibly bland? You didn’t? Oh, well, I did. I am still sticking with the lines and circles — lines under headers, blocky navigation, circles in the…

 |  Updates expiring will be expiring some time over the next week or so, so if you’re linking to it, please update your links to point to (or, whichever you prefer) instead. Talking of reviews.. I’m looking for review-oriented websites to link exchange/affiliate with the…

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I’ve just added one of those FeedBurner things to my sidebar. I really have no idea what it is/does because I’ve not read the site yet, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. (If you use one of these and know of…

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