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New Parked Domain

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What do you reckon, or

(And if it helps, I’m leaning towards .com)

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

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  1. Viitoria said:

    .com because that’s what most people type in as a first try/mistake if they don’t completely remember the domain. (Because we’re all hit whores when we come down the the bottom of it ;)

  2. Mike Haddad said:

    I would go with .com before .net, but that’s just a personal perference for me. I always find myself typing .com, even when I know it’s a .net address.

  3. Jordie said:

    Well, .com since you’re pretty well known on the Internet (in my opinion), but has been your identity for who knows how long and I can’t imagine you changing it. .net is WAY overdone. .com might not sound as pretty to some, but it’s more distinguished if you ask me.

  4. Bex said:

    I’d go with .com, but why not get both and reel the buggers in ;) In fact, I’ll buy whichever one you don’t pick for you as a thanks for help/congrats on Qbeeeeee/another reason if you like.

  5. Alex said:

    personally, i think you should leave it as is. four years and counting – why change now? its the value site that’s got you worried, hasn’t it :|

  6. Rosemarie said:

    *pokes alex* read the comments before you :P Jem: “ will be staying :) I’m just leaning towards buying another domain, because I’m crazy ;)”

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