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I Need Ideas

If you were to sum up in one word (positive or negative), what would it be? Also, how would you represent that in a design (either in a series of shapes or an image perhaps)? Alright! I admit this is not some sort of…

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Just a quick update to say “hoorah”, “success” and various shades of “awesome”! I woke up this morning to only 3 spam comments, which is greatly reduced from the 20-200 (!!!) I’ve been receiving of late. I added a line of code to mail me…

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Bella- Scripts Moved

As some of you may have noticed, BellaBook and BellaBuffs have been moved “home”. This was a decision I made a long time ago, I just had no idea which way to go about it. I won’t bore you with the technical details, but safe…

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Not Dead

Not dead. Still no Internet at the flat. Very busy at work. Know of possible bug in BellaBuffs — will update ASAP. Hope everyone is well… ETA: Fancy yourself as an expert tutorial writer? I’ve decided to open tutorialtastic up to the possibility of guest…

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Minor Site Changes

You may notice some little changes here and there around the website. I’ve been fiddling (out of boredom) again: the most prominent change being the navigation. I have moved sub-pages (if applicable) up to within the actual main navigation list based on the page you’re…

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