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Subscribe By E-mail

At some point last year I enabled subscribe by e-mail functionality on my (feedburner) RSS feed… and then forgot to tell anyone about it. Of course, this has given me sufficient time to “test” what Feedburner offers in the way of e-mail notification and it’s…

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tutorialtastic renovations

I started reworking the tutorialtastic code waaay back when I first talked about rewriting the CMS over here at For some reason I decided to use TT as my test site, and although I managed to get the majority of the site structure/databases/CMS done…

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New Review, Ego Flattering etc

It’s been a few months, but there’s finally a new unrequested review up. The victim this time is one ‘’; in accordance with my ranty post on bad tutorial sites I have made the review pure critique of the code/tutorials. Most of the rubbish (and…

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Look Familiar to You?

You know, when I posted my whiny entry yesterday about how my layout was annoying me I had no intentions on changing it. I was going to fiddle with the structure a bit and get a search box added somehow, but then Rose said: I…

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This Design… really bugging me now. I miss my sidebar, and I loathe my navigation. I still haven’t added my site name to the header and I feel it’s too high. The footer looks weirdly green on my Mum’s monitor, and there’s so much stuff missing…

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