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Ugh – So Outdated

I’ve been flicking through some of my pages this evening correcting typos/etc and have realised that so many of my pages are hideously outdated. Some of my “articles” (I use that term loosely — I really mean uneducated ranting and/or whining) are so bad that…

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New Script: BellaBiblio

The more observant (or should that be nosy?) of you will have noticed a new page appeared in my scripts section this week titled “BellaBiblio” (mucho thanks to Hayley for the creative name). BellaBiblio is a new flat file PHP-based book rating/listing script for those…

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Happy Birthday Jemjabella!

On this date five years ago a wonderful miracle was born… ok, I’m somewhat over-exaggerating, but today is the fifth birthday of! With various sub-domains that have come and gone, three hackings, at least four different incarnations of what I wanted my domain to…

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