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tutorialtastic renovations

 |  Updates

I started reworking the tutorialtastic code waaay back when I first talked about rewriting the CMS over here at For some reason I decided to use TT as my test site, and although I managed to get the majority of the site structure/databases/CMS done in one evening, I got hit by the procrastination bug and then a major project at work.

Anyway.. *insert several months here* ..aaand I went to upload the nifty length converter I came up with for a client, and realised I’d uploaded a new file with different code over an old file. So to save me the trouble of unnecessarily re-editing new files to make them “old” again, I’ve had to upload the whole lot earlier than I planned.

Enough whining — you want to know how this affects you, right? Well, tutorialtastic has new bits! I’ve started implementing a tagging system which will allow me to give the tutorials keywords to help you find tutorials easier, as well as tutorials relating to what you’re currently reading. As well as this, I’ve rejigged the categories a little bit and added one for JavaScript. Now, I personally despise the little JavaScript effects you seen on n00b web pages, but I am hoping this category won’t be like that.

I’ve reorganised the page structure (which may result in some broken links until I catch them all) so instead of tutorials being, they’re now tutorial/bla_bla. This makes more sense, and of course is a bit nicer to Google who’s going to rank me higher for tutorials if I can get that word in there twice. ;)

For the casual visitor, not much has changed, but this is the start of lots of things to come.

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15 comments so far

  1. Sara said:

    I use tutorialtastic ALL of the time, and I am SOOOO glad to hear that you are updating on it. It was great before, but now it should be fantastic! Once all of the pages are sorted out, are you going to add any new tutorials?

  2. Jordan said:

    I definitely like the subtle changes you’ve made. I don’t know why but I really like tagging systems. I’ve found that technorati happens to have some massive love affair with tags too.

  3. Rachael said:

    Wah! omg! So… I just got a new monitor at work and it has a screen res of 1280*1024… After the last nineteen years or so at 1024*768, this is a big change for me. I thought “hey, I wonder what jem’s site looks like” and, omg, it’s so pretty! Anyways… yay for tutorialtastic updates! *trots off over to tutorialtastic to learn new things* Keep up the good work.

  4. Josh(ua/y) said:

    I quite like the new TT layout, it is similar but refreshing although I preferred the last myself. ‘Tis good to see new tutorials and better structure. By the way, my free host does allow 3 MySQL databases.

  5. Ben said:

    I use Tutorialtastic all the time. It is a great resource for web designers and coders. Congratulations on the CMS and well, yay for another cross on your to-do list. ;)

  6. Lew said:

    That’s a great site, so good to see a tutorial site that isn’t weighed down with advertising and hints to buy the tutorial writer’s book. And I’m not too proud to say I learned something. Even though some of the work I do with date arithmetic, three-dimensional arrays, and nested loops would make most people cry. I really liked your secure email form tutorial, very informative.

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